Limit Break Holy?

I have Joon (with Costume), Onatel, Vivica (with costume), Drake,Malosi, and Micha. I am leaning Joon or Onatel. Thoughts?

Poll for ease of voting:

  • Joon (+ Costume)
  • Onatel
  • Vivica (+Costume)
  • Drake Fong
  • Malosi
  • Micha

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That is awesome, thank you!

I forgot to add Akkorog to this mix.

Guvnor, can you add Akkorog please? I have no idea how to do polls :slight_smile:

Even though Drake is the leader, I’d still recommend C. Joon. With the changes in Meta since his time, I rarely ever see him on defense anymore, at least in mid-diamond where I usually sit. However, the occasional C. Joon I still see and his Costume makes him two steps above where he’d be otherwise.

He’s still a great sniper with more utility than Drake, whom I’m using less and less. But in the end, it all depends on what type of hero you need more since ever recommendation is roster dependent.

I’ve got c. Joon and c.Viv I limit broke c.Viv because for me she’s essential, more important than c.joon

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Akkarog won’t win. Don’t need to add him.



Unfortunately not without resetting the poll votes so far.

No worries, thank you

Anyone have a Drake at 85 they can share?

I’d do Onatel, since her special is unique, awesome and timeless. Amazing in every aspect of the game.

I do love her, but can only do one. I am more confused now than when I asked :slight_smile:

I’ve limit broken Odin and he is superb flanked in defence!

I broke onatel.

Her skill is just super unique and relative hard to replace in the future.

The only other heroes I have from your list are vivi c and normal joon.

The problem I have with snipers is that they can become outdated relative fast, releasing a sniper with a little bit more damage is not unrealistic and after that joon probably wouldn’t see much action, but I can’t really see that they would replace onatel that easy in the future.

I would probably choose drake if it wasn’t onatel from your list. Blind for 3 is probably better at the moment, snipers were great a while back when they actually killed some opponents but now they just scratch them and 3 blind opponents help you stay longer alive than 1 blind opponent.

But that’s just my feeling (and I personally don’t really like snipers, so maybe a little bit biased) and I would say you can’t make anything wrong when you break a hero you use regularly at the moment.

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Don’t forget he gets the automatic family defense bonus even if by himself. 10% bonus so that makes his base defense ~943 in actuality. More paired with other of the same family.

He’s over 1024 defense if paired with two others from 2018.


WIsh I had him, but alas, I do not

I was about to create a post with the same question (different hero’s). Is it ok for me to post here, or should I not piggy back and create my own thread? Thanks