Which Holy to limit break

So, who would you pick, Drake, Sif or Prof Lindenbrook, I use Drake and Sif all the time in my yellow mono with Del, I’ve not got PL leveled yet and I’m worried that she might be OP and in line for a nerf, opinions please

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Im thinking abt this also (as with red/blue heroes)… drake and sif i think are used because of their special skills (quick blind and riposte, etc) as such both will not exactly benefit from the increased stats from LB. Same is true with Prof.L.

For me, I would go with someone like Uraeus maybe. He would gain more damage from increasing stats.

Of course one can argue that limitbreaking any hero would make them sturdier and last longer- but this is true for any hero. If this is your prevailing philosophy then I think you should break the hero you would use most often.

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Yo guys i need your help to decide: onatel or devana. Devana has +22power with +20 emblems compared to +20 onatel. However onatel has much more def so i favorize her to limit break as def should be priority. But its hopeless for me to go with weaker hero for boost. Any suggestions pls?

This is not something I’m concerned with it nothing anyone says will likely change your opinion on potential nerfs.

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I already have one Holy 5* Aether waiting for the balance 4 Holies…

At the moment feel, will LB Gazelle, my key Holy hero, to strengthen her to survive more. Though Sif, Faline, Ureaus, Norns, are lurking too !

4* Gullinbursti would be another holy I will LB, to turn him into a 5* that over heals…

I have PL @ 3/70 & she isn’t in line for any nerf. She is SLOW & tricky… but not OP. I knock her off in opposite defences quite regularly !


I decided to go with Drake.
Sif was the other option but since I don`t use her in my wardef he got the mats.


Thanks for showing me the card, my team mates are saying Drake too, so that’s where I’m heading, Odin got a mention too but I don’t have him fully emblemed

I used the yellow aethers on the Prof. I don’t have Drake. I do have Sif. I use the Prof always, raids, war, tournaments, quests, map stages. If Drake is the holy hero you use most you made a good choice. :+1:t2:

I know everyone here is thinking about 5s but I’ll probably LB Candy first, as emblemed up and with the extra stats I can use her as a backup yellow healer in wars I think. :candy: :boom:

and off topic, but i don’t think PL will be nerfed. she’s easy to counter and I personally have no problem dealing with her in defense.

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I got an additional 5* aether from loot and had been considering limit breaking my Gazelle, but I think I will go another way. The only benefit will be from the additional def/ health and I’m not sure that will make a big enough difference to her surviving that it will be worthwhile enough for the investment. She will probably still die from the same number of special attk hits, unlike with my 4s I have limit broke where the increased survivability for the likes of my Kiril may make him be able to deal better in the 5 star arena.

Ì think for my 5s I may use them more for offensive type heroes or where I have a distinct issue with lots of heroes of one class to let me easier spread the shinies around. For this reason I am considering going with either Poseidon or Uraeus. If I go Poseidon I can have emblem stocks to give to either Kingston, Nemo etc. If I go Uraeus I don’t need to worry about sorcerer emblems ( as the game doesn’t like to give me this type RNG gonna RNG )

I know this goes against accepted wisdom for aethers, and may very much be close to a “Lost the plot PT2” :thinking: :upside_down_face: but its a risk I am going to take I think.

The exception to this will be support hero 5s like LotL where the additional health/ def stats may make her minions a bit more sturdy


What about onatel? Is she worth it?

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Definetly Devana. She and her minion profits a lot from the stats boost and overall shes a very versatile hero that will probably still be useful in years.


Does anyone already have Joon with costume in a limit break?


I think about breaking Kvasir, Poppy, Melia and Mist. Devana have to wait for the fifth eather.


I don’t have fifth aether either but anyway breaking Jackal who dies a bit too fast (no C-Leo) and one of my Gullinbursties will be more useful. Also Kvasir because, well, it’s Kvasir.


I’m considering breaking him but haven’t pulled the trigger yet.

I’m torn between breaking Mist and Gulli or breaking costumed Rana+6 and one of the 4*… Any advice? I use all three regularly.

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Broke Mist, Kvasir, and Poppy, no hesitation at all. Now debating between Li Xiu, Gullinbursti, and Candy.

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Hope it helps.


+20 LB Justice CB is the most sturdiest yellow you can make.
inari has the highest attack 813 of all yellows but its kinda wasted on her
sif has second highes 788
Joon Cb and musashi come in at 786
faline is next at 784
and akkrogh is 782

Back to defense after justice CB
Mica and onatel are a close second

These are mathematically who will get the biggest increase stats wise from a LB

Doesn’t mean they are the ideal candidates for you. Personally I go with whoever you use the most that increases in attack,def,and health will actually make a difference.

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