Advice please on ascention

Hi i can now do final ascention on eirher Zeline or Lianna - kinda leaning towards Lianna as more hitting power but open to advice from yourselves. TIA

Been a pretty popular question since Zeline appeared. Many will say Zeline, others say Lianna. Then there be ones saying it depends on what you expecting to accomplish with one of the heroes. This is where I’d be at, asking what you expecting to accomplish with the hero.

Fair point Phant0m - in essence have swapped Lianna for Zeline on raids and think she is better but i do miss the de buff of Zeline. Mmmmm. Wavering now. !!! Lol

LOL! Apologies Geldart. I just hate to see one make a decision like this without some serious thinking.

Those Tonics not easy to get, and in exactly the same position and only just yesterday received my last Tonic needed to ascend either Lianna or Zeline. Lianna being DD type hero with strong special attack, and is a multipurpose hero besides.

Both Lianna and Zeline have strong tile damage with Zeline’s being a tad stronger, however her massive obstructive animation makes it undesirable for Titan battles. With Lianna she’s a perfect multi-purpose hero, and she can be used with any elemental type Titan.

Offensively VS. Defensively.

Zeline would make a better choice on your defense teams, and really good raiding with also. Nothing is always as simple as black and white.

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Id say Zeline.

If you lack fast snipers (Joon, Sartana, Marjana, Magni) you could think to ascend Lianna but Zeline find his spot in almost every encounter.

Nope never easy !! Cheers Phant0m foryour input much appreciated - gonna give a tad more thought

Np… Let us know who you decide to go with and why. :slight_smile:

Oh i will no worries. Got another choice to make in either Karil or Boril !!! God i hate this game at times !!! Lol. After doing advanced sand event Delilah gonna be ascended so … watch this thread

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Karil or Kiril? If Karil, then Boril hands down.

My bad - fat finger syndrome!!! KIRIL is who i meant

In my case… I would easily do Kiril. Attack and Defense buffs on all your heroes and a healer besides… Like Boldtusk, a good option.

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Basically, the first question I ask myself when ascending heroes, is: How valuable is this hero over others and how how much mileage can I get out of it… You have your one trick ponies like Lianna and Magni, your basic fast mana striker. Which are always a must haves. However, there there are the other key heroes that set you up for wins. Such as Zeline, Alby, Hel & Athena as example. Any one of these heroes will severely cripple the defense and and pave the way for the rest of your heroes to clean up more than just one hero at a time… That is way more valuable than having a single hard hitting striker (Lianna).

So, then maybe, the question between Lianna and Zeline really is… Would you like to have one hard hitting striker that may one shot some 4s (definitely if they have some damage done already) or would you like to have a hero that cripples your opponents making them behave like 3s or 4*s (respectively) thus keeping your heroes alive longer to deal finishing blows… ?

There are other things to consider… If you received Lianna way before Zeline and you’ve been working on her, say, she’s on her 2nd or 3rd tier. I would say go ahead and finish her. There’s nothing worst than having a bunch of half leveled useless heroes… You can always bring Zeline to lvl70 if you don’t have all the mats to max her. She’ll most likely be very useful even at lvl70 anyway.

If you have both unleveled, Zeline is a no contest for the above reasons.

Wormwood wise words - lvl wise both at 3/70 8/8 so Mmmm . Sounds like Zeline it is until i get more tonics - only another 6 months lol


That is exactly what I’ve done, because reasons exactly what I’ve giving for the last sentence of the post regarding Lianna vs. Zeline. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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For the reasons stated above.

@Phant0m @Geldart




LOL! GROUP HUG IT IS! Just as long as its a friendly one and not overly friendly if you get my drift :sweat_smile:

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Thankyou very much one and all and all for Meeeeeeeeee !!!

Group hug - FROM A DISTANCE !!! LOL

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