5* green; who gets raised?

Hey everybody… I’m thinking I may know the answer to my own question, but I’m a bit torn. I’m looking for wisdom, insight and experience!

I’m finally ascending 5* heroes and nature calls. I’ve got materials to raise two, but the first one is crucial; they’ll be the only one raised for a long while. Who would you raise? I’m thinking either Tarlak or Lianna… I need them for everything: raids, war, titans and defense.

You can see my rainbow defense squad below (with all my currently fully-ascended 5* heroes :smiley:). The second image shows all the nature 5* heroes I have. All advice is appreciated!

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The choice, IMO, boils down to Lianna or Tarlak.

Lianna is a great sniper–strongest hitter in the game. Clean, simple design, fearsome hit.

Tarlak is a superb addition to almost any titan attack team. Unlike Wu or Ranvir, your special casts (important to dropping a titan’s defenses) can’t miss, but tile damage goes up hugely. On offense he’s great, too, if you like to play a tile-forward defense (using tiles rather than specials, mostly, to kill).

Another think to look at: Lianna is a ranger, as is Seshat. Tarlak is a Monk. Which class is more useful to you?

Finally, putting Tarlak into your defense, replacing Lianna, wouldn’t be effective IMO. It leaves too many support heroes and not enough damage-dealers.


Kerridoc summed it up nicely, I concur, esp. on the last point on d…

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Sure wish I had this problem! LOL! I mean you’re splitting the finest of hairs here. I’d hate to put one in the backseat to the other but Tarlak to me would amplify the whole team so based off that he’d probably be the one I’d ascend first. It would definitely be something I deliberated on but that’s where my gut is. You could split who’s on a titan team, farm team, etc. That way you get the best use from both heroes.

Lianna. Tarlak’s special at 8/8 is just as effective for him at 3/70. Lianna is the cornerstone of your defence. And she’s squishy at 3/70.

All the way Lianna.


Here’s another vote for Lianna.


What lvl titans do you face? It’d be nice to have a maxed tarlak but agree, he is serviceable at 3/70 especially if you’re facing lower lvl titans.

100% agree with @Kerridoc tarlak is a handicap on defense. Even more so on yours with aegir and Delilah.

Another vote for lianna. I gave her tonics yesterday after rising, haven’t used her for raids yet but will soon.


Cheers everybody! I went with Lianna, of course. Thanks for the input and the observations, sorry I was offline for so long and couldn’t say thanks earlier!

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