Levelling up chart with stats for 2* and 3* troops?

Hi. I’ve already found many forum posts with very useful charts on the stats of the 4* troops as they level up. Most indicatively the one here by SkiParty.

Do we have anything similar with 2* and especially 3* troops to see which stats they improve as they level up?

PS: Mods feel free to move topic to a different category or point to another Topic, if this question has already been anwered before. Many thanks in advance!

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Idk where one is

Do you?

I’m not sure if I’ve seen one for 2* Troops ever.

I thought there was one for 3* Troops somewhere, but I’m not finding it, only charts of their stats once maxed.

If someone reminds me the next time Beta is open, I can power level them there and record the levels.


Thank you @zephyr1 and @Rigs. I don’t know when Beta opens again, but I appreciate your help, especially given that there are 3 different 3* troops! I’ll be looking forward to the stats. Feel free to skip the XP and food stats, if that’s too much of a pain. I’m only interested in the ATT/DEF/CRIT/HP/HEAL stats.

Many thanks again!


Here some info for 2* lvl15 and 3* troops lvl 20.




Thank you @jinbatsu. I’m already aware of these. What I’m looking for is to see which stats the troops level up and when, so as to decide how much to level them up. The final stats is something one could already find in the game. Thank you for your effort though! :slight_smile:


It should be soonish, and the next version will likely be the start of a whole new version number, so I’ll be making a new Beta Beat thread.

If I don’t remember to do it, and you see a new Beta Beat thread, then just tag me in this thread to remind me. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you for all your hard work, @zephyr1 and the other mods!


RedPython’s spreadsheet accommodates most 3 stars with the exception of muggy (who is an outright suicide risk) but won’t factor emblems. Can’t do links, but I think this is the public version shared from here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1QQXzcn9yPStm9cjElDpvY_qbeW1vHugGCgLiB5h7dzE/edit#gid=469582769

EDIT: for clarity, the first link does not apply to the topic. My bad. The following link is to a website that has a 3 and 4 star troop classification tool. There is no tool that i have found that applies to 2 star troops.

See https://titanmafia.com/ and join for access to guildware that gives you stats on your 3 and 4 star troops.

Thanks, unfortunately that link doesn’t seem to open for me, it says permission is required.

Muggy is a 3* Hero, not a Troop — are we talking about the same thing?

They are two seperate paragraphs; you noticed that, I hope. The first pertains to a google doc and heroes exclusively and the second is a link to a website that has a 3 and 4 star troop classification tool (amongst other things). I recommend using both.

EDIT: I have edited the post to make the distinction clear.

Ok, thanks for clarifying that doesn’t have Troops in it.

I joined, but haven’t been able to figure out where the Troop tool is — how do I get to it?


Yeah, thanks for the help and the clarification @sft1965. I was confused in the beginning too… >.< lol

As for the Titan Mafia website, I can’t find the 3* troop tool either. Their website looks so interesting and yet so messy… :confused:

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On the plus side, Beta just reopened, so I can power level Troops there later today to gather the stats. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Oh my, thanks so much. I have no idea how Beta works, but do you have unlimited resources to power level 3 kinds of 3* troops and maybe the 2* troops too? :open_mouth:

Not unlimited resources, it’s a clone of our live account with an extra 10k gems. But we can reimport our accounts repeatedly, so if I run out of gems for Troop Summons, I can just start fresh again. I don’t think I’ll have any issue maxing one Troop per import at least. I can also eat my leveled Troops.


Thank you so so much, @zephyr1, for all your time and help and effort! Greatly appreciated! :slight_smile:

It’s a disaster, but once you are a member there are only about five links, but the one you want is “guildware”; so intuitive!! The owner uses it for datamining and provides a selection of tools within “guildware” that are kind of useful. I won’t provide a link directly to the tool because you do have to be a member to access it. I hope you understand.

take care.

@Doctor just wanted to let you know I haven’t forgotten about this.

I did the 2* Troops already, but haven’t done the 3* yet.

2* are here, and I’ll add 3* ASAP: 2* and 3* Troop Leveling Stats


Ahhhh, many thanks @zephyr1!!! You’re a :star: !!!

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