Need help for the Next Step! Who to level up ? All advices welcome!

Playing for almost 4 months now, i’m following almost everything i read on this forum. But its getting more and more complicated to choose who level up. I’m also very thin in materials (dont have anything to move up my 5 stars for now. All advices will be welcome to help me progress in the good direction. Thanks :slight_smile: *** I just got Magni from my T20!

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You have a decent amount of leveled 3*, but I think your 4*'s could use some work. I would focus on 4*'s before you level 5*'s. Remember, a maxed 4* is almost always better than a 5* at 3/70.


You’ve done a really good job building a 3* roster and some 4*s as well. I’d mix 4/5 as your next group to focus on - Li, Cyp Margaret, Magni and Anzogh…

Normally I’d say focus 4s but sinceYou’re really close to the mats for ascending a rainbow 5 and will be gaining at least one needed mat per month from rare events - more from Mystic vision etc, I think it’s time to prep your 5* Defence

So plan your final defensive team out. There are some tough choices - Magni vs Frida for one. I love Frida, and I have a +19 Grimm standing in for Magni (who I’ve yet to pull), but since Frida holds her own at 3/70 and as long as her special is 8/8, she’ll boost Magni just fine, you might elevate Magni.

Unless Frida is going to be on your defence.

Anzogh vs Mitsu is also tough.

Leo is going to be there as your only yellow. Margaret too. Both Frida and Anzogh can be tanks and both can be wings. You’ll want something of a healer so Anzogh might be a better choice than Mitsu.

My suggestion with what you’ve got is Leo/Margarette/Anzogh/Magni/Proteus(til you pull a purple 5*)

You could switch Leo/Magni above.

Good luck. Kick butt.


Je vais ecrire en anglais j’ai oublier beaucoup de mon francais, (surtout l’aurthographe?)
I noticed you have Tiburtus, i would ascent him.Cyprian is good to have also
Finisn Triton, Melendor, Lil John.
Next Sabina, Sumimoto (bonus when paired with other Sakura’s)
Magni if you can is very highly rated(i don’t have him).
As far as 3*'s i kept 10 figters and 2 healers
All different.(no dupes, i find it easier to mix and match for better effects)
I don’t keep many duplicates of any heroes, i like mixing my heroes depending on my needs.
Bonne chance.


Just level your 4* until you have 15 maxed. By then maybe you’ll have mats to do something with your 5*.

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Thanks a lot for your advices.

Halifax, that will help me a lot!

Wolf, your french seems good! :slight_smile:

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