Leveling 3, 4 and 5 star heroes (Analysis, Advice)

Update 2019-Jan-10

With v18, 3* 3.50 are now super easy to increase the special skill to 8/8 ( edit: see table in top post- Skill roll at Max tier, Max level ).

(Version 18 Release Notes)

The only downside to using an off color trainer hero to level a 3* hero is the loss of 16.66% Hero XP, which is not inconsiderable when leveling 4* / 5* heroes, but, depending on your play style, may be better than buying hero roster slots.

Currently I am using 3* heroes to use up 1*/2* trainer heroes, unless I have a 4* hero that will be guaranteed 8/8 at 4* 3.60 or a 5* hero that will be guaranteed 8/8 at 5* 2.60 .


On the version 18 release note, does anyone have clarity regarding the statement about the special level chance being quintupled?
Does it mean 5 of the same hero can now be used to fully max the special of heroes whose specials are stuck, regardless of the position of stuck betw 1-7

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Can you, please, decipher the update note regarding special skills.

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I don’t think you get any credit for chances above 100%. It just means that each same-hero training guarantees to level the special, and that 10 same-color 1* also guarantees to level the special (20% x 5 = 100%). I think that’s why they quintupled it.

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My take was the use of a dupe adds 25%, but four dupes did not guarantee a skill level increase no matter the 100% shown; therefor, my guess is five dupes is now guaranteed.

My guess cause that note is vague

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They say “the chance for special skill level up is quintupled.”

5 * 25% = 125%, so a single dupe is a guaranteed level

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Previously I have achieved special Skill each level up with 4 dups, more often than none. However if we now talk of quintupled… Possibly 5 dups, it could only worth the while if it fully max the stuck hero’s special to 8/8 irrespective of whether it was 4/8, 5/8…7/8.

Agreed the statement needs some clarification


The +% skill roll is x5:



…20 characters

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@Rilf and I have worked on a Class Primer. Now that V 18 is starting to ship, I expect he’ll post it soon.

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==Team Chat==

New skill roll equation is [#00FF00] +1% x Number of stars x ( 2 if same color, else 1 )[#][#FFD700] x ( 5 if max tier & max level, else 1)[#] So max tier, max level only needs ten 2* heroes or five 2* same color heroes or one duplicate for +100%

Until you are 8/8, the level button stays ( for several versions now ) you just get no Hero XP. Until v18, 10x 2* same color only gave you a 40% skill roll and zero XP. With v18 you get +200% ( if you split them into two groups of 5x 2* same color.

You must be 8/8 max tier, max level ( Example: 8/8 3* 3.50 ) to unlock the talent grid in your hero‘s predetermined class. Once unlocked, you use class Emblems, food & Iron to unlock levels in the hero’s class.

[#FF0000] REMEMBER skill roll over 100% is wasted, so only use ONE duplicate at a time.

New version is live !!! [#00FF00] my Brienne is now 8/8 3* 3.50 [#] thanks to new max tier max level skill roll and three duplicates ( +100% per duplicate).



Same color, single 1* / 2* hero leveling

On June 27 my red 5* Elena went from 1/8 to 8/8 in 60 minutes and 66 levels.

Which is annoying since I was mostly leveling her to dump red 1* / 2* heroes.

2/8= 1.12
3/8 = 1.14
4/8= 1.18
5/8= 1.19
6/8= 1.50

7/8= auto 2.1
8/8= 2.16

all same color, single 1* / 2* heroes ( 2% or 4% chance).

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A post was split to a new topic: Who you would use on team 1. And who you would level first?

This is extremely useful information. Thanks

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This is so much complicated no matter how much it was simplified…but good work…

I continue to be amazed by how much information is available on here. Thank you for the hard work and sharing.

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Yea, between the two options, it really depends on where you are focusing. Considering the Event Quests pop up once a month, I would suggest Ulmer for questing, titans and PVP; although Gunner can help out in PVP as well as event quests, I would want to get through the story and special quests asap, so Ulmer would be my choice.


As I appreciate your reply & thank you for it. My original question from 2018 became by now irrelevant to me, as I own & leveled up much better 3* & 4* heroes since that time. But perhaps someone else could get your feedback in which could lead to make a decision of what classic heroes they might want to work on next.

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Hi all. I am going to level up Clarissa from 3/70 all the way now I have my final Tabard. How many 2 star purple feeders does it take to get to 4/80?

So at least you need 371 2* feeders. As you will waste some XP’s on level ups you will need some more.
I say approx ~ 400.

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