Leveling 3, 4 and 5 star heroes (Analysis, Advice)

Hiya, these are my heroes and items any tips?

My offense team in order is, Boldtusk, Wu Kong, Magni (or sonya depending if needed), Little John, Rigard

My defense team in order is, Rigard, Magni, Kashrek, Li Xiu, Little John

Level them as fast as you can:

  • Wu Kong
  • Boldtusk
  • Grimm
  • Peters
  • Kiril (after Grimm)

They are universally good.
Dont spread fodders: use them for your 1st team and then on others heroes.

Materials for thre last 4* & 5* ascension are rare: I suggest you to use them on the listed heroes first

Wow, great way to describe the process. Well done.

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Hey jumping into this thread here. What about factoring food cost which I am ALWAYS short of? It costs 2-3X more food to level mid level hero’s with 1* vs. 2*. For example for my 4* LVL 25 hero its about 125,000 food to go up 10 levels with 1* or about 50,000 food with 2*. It’s only at low levels of 3* it is somewhat close. I only level generally with 2* with my 4* and 5* hero’s since the food costs are so high. And I never have enough food so this stretches my food dollar a LOT.

If you are at risk of not maxing your special skill, I agree only using 1* since they level so inefficiently your hero, you get lots of tries to increase your special skill.

On the probability side, over the long run, the probability of doing each card on its own (eg. 2*, 4% chance) vs. doing 10 at once (40% chance) is the same. BUT the food cost is more expensive doing it one at a time as each level, the food cost increases.

I’m still newish to the game (LVL 11 SH) so still figuring things out

I use 1* to level 3*, 1* and 2* to level 4*, and 2*, 3* or trainer heroes to level 5*.
With 3*, they go up so fast, if you feed 2*, they hit max level before they hit 8/8 special. That’s not an issue with 4* or 5*

Lets discuss:

Skill roll

==RNG and skill roll==

In 24 hours, using 11 million plus food from RT20 legendary training storage, finished heroes in RT11 extra low cost training, and same color heroes for leveling (double +skill roll), I leveled nine rainbow heroes ( Purple 2, Yellow 2, Blue 2, Red 3 ), while Leveling green Hansel from 4* 1.1 to 4* 3.60.

Two 5* 2.60 became 8/8.
Three 4* 3.60 became 8/8.
One 4* 3.01 became 8/8.

One 4* 2.15 and one 4* 2.29 became 6/8.
One 4* 2.33 became 4/8.

I even stacked Hansel’s very last skill roll by using triple the number of green 2* heroes needed ( +12% skill roll ), and he made it getting +1 to his special skill !

But Hansel is my first 4* or 5* hero to reach maximum level with farmable ascension materials and not get 8/8. He is stuck at 7/8 4* 3.60 unless I decide to spend non-farmable ascension materials on Hansel.


Without a 100% option, sometimes it will be impossible to get 8/8 special skill with farmable ascension materials.

Theoretically, it would be possible to get to a 5* 4.80 hero with a 7/8, or lower, special skill.

Using only matching color heroes ( double +% skill roll versus random color ),
Only matching color 1* & 2* heroes from RT11 extra low cost ( only 2 recruits per 1* or 2* hero ),
it is possible to level most 4* heroes to 4* 3.60, and most 5* heroes to 2.60, with special skill 8/8


Hero ( Special skill increase/ Attack stat )

7/8 4* 3.60 Hansel ( s2/ 398, s3/ a403, s4/ a473, s5/ a483, s6/ a523, s7/ a580 )

8/8 4* 3.60 Gormek ( s7/ a460, s8/ a464 )
8/8 4* 3.60 Li Xiu ( s4/ a426, s5/ a450, s6/ a479, s7/ a490, s8/ a491 )
8/8 4* 3.60 Tiburtus ( s2/ a376, s3/ a377, s4/ a457, s5/ 517, s6/ a524, s7/ a524, s8/ a524 )

8/8 5* 2.60 Marjana ( s2/ a328, s3/ a374, s4/ a392, s5/ a422, s6/ a445, s7/ a460, s8/ a461 )
8/8 5* 2.60 Perseus (s2/ a402, s3/ a425, s4/ a429, s5/ a475, s6/ a477, s7/ a492, s8/ a498 )

6/8 4* 2.15 Chao ( s2/ a313, s3/ a320, s4/ a321, s5/ a346, s6/ a364 )
6/8 4* 2.29 Kelile ( s3, a397, s4/ a399, s5/ a413, s6/ a419 )
8/8 4* 3.04 Sabina ( s6/ a463, s7/ a483, s8/ a488
4/8 4* 2.33 Sonya ( s2/ a311, s3/ s346, s4/ a366 )


RT11- extra low cost - 354, 4911
RT20- legendary- 20

354+ 4911 -3000 = ( 2265 heroes / 50 ) = 45 x 247 k food = 11.115+ m food

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Great info, everyone. I’ve changed my feeding habits since reading these notes and what a huge difference! I used to get 3*'s to 5/8 and 6/8 when reaching 3.60, then had to feed probably them a dozen or so times to finally max the skills. Now, the most recent 3*s I worked on, S2 Mnesseus and another S1 Valen, were 8/8 by 3.30 and 3.27 respectively.

However, my most positive result has been with my first ever Gormek. Using only red 1*‘s and with one ascension, I have him at 6/8 at just 2.1! Freakin’ Awesome!!


Somewhere I have screen shots of heroes getting +1 special skill followed by an immediate +1 again using 1x SAME color 1* heroes to level. I know Wu Kong and Azlar did it.

I have several heroes that where 5/8 at 2.1 and Azlar is currently 5/8 1.33 using 1x SAME color 1* heroes to level.

But RNG plays no favorites. Using 1x SAME color 1* heroes to level gives you the lowest chance of a 4/8 special skill at max tier, max level, but you can still beat the odds.

Looking for leveling advice:

In Blue:
My primary heroes are:
5* Isarnia (Tier 1 / Lvl 45) [2/8 skill]
4* Sonya (Tier 4 / Lvl 45) [8/8 skill]
4* Grimm (Tier 1 / Lvl 23) [2/8 skill]
4* Kiril (Tier 1 / Lvl 1)

In Red:
5* Marjana (Tier 3 / Lvl 18) [8/8 skill]
5* Gravemaker (Tier 1 / Lvl 27) [[2/8 skill]
5* Elena (Tier 2 / Lvl 50) [5/8 skill]
5* Zimkitha (Tier 1 / Lvl 1) [just pulled, hooray!]
4* Boldtusk (Tier 1 / Lvl 5) [1/8 skill]
4* Wilbur (Tier 1 / Lvl 1)

In Green:
5* Lianna (Tier 1 / Lvl 1) [just pulled, hooray!]
5* Morgan Le Fay (Tier 2 / Lvl 1) [5/8 skill]
4* Little John (Tier 3 / Lvl 60) “where oh where are those sturdy shields?” [8/8 skill]
4* Hansel (Tier 1 / Lvl 29) [4/8 skiill, lucky?]
4* Melendor (Tier 1 / Lvl 26) [1/8 skill]

In Yellow:
5* Guinevere (Tier 1 / Lvl 28) [1/8 skill]
4* Wu Kong (Tier 2 / Lvl 38) [6/8 skill]
4* Hu Tao (Tier 3 / Lvl 60) [8/8 skill] “to find an orb of magic would be so magical…”
3* Bane (Tier 1 / Lvl 29)

In Purple:
4* Sabina (Tier 4 / Lvl 32) [8/8 skill]
4* Ameonna (Tier 1 / Lvl 35) [2/8 skill]

Stronghold @ Lvl 17

Train Camp - Lvl 16
Train Camp - Lvl 13
Watchtower - Lvl 9

Any advice on what to train in the training camps and which heroes to focus on? I feel like I am being less than efficient and not maximizing my potential power.
I am mainly focused on Wu Kong at the moment to try to strengthen my Titan effectiveness - but just did 253 pts worth on War so I seem to have a “deep bench” for fighting war battles.


It looks like you’ve been kind of scattershot in your leveling. Here’s some suggestions for you to be more efficient:

  1. Focus on 1 hero of each color at a time. Take them to max, or as far as you’re going to take them. Some aren’t worth using nonfarmable mats on. Don’t get distracted when you pull someone new.
  2. Don’t start a 5* until you have most of the mats to max them. They take a huge amount of food and feeders.
  3. As you are leveling a team up, use them to farm. This gives you a chance to learn how to best use them and where they fit in your roster.
  4. Prioritize in this order as you get the materials:
    Red: BT, then Wilbur. Then either GM or Zim-kitty, followed by the other, followed by Marjana
    Green: Hansel, Melendor, then Lianna or Morgan, then the other. LJ can stay at 3/60. Save your shields for the others.
    Blue: finish Sonya, then Grimm, Kiril and Isarnia in that order.
    Purple: Sabina, then Ameonna
    Yellow: finish Wu, then Guin. Hu can stay at 3/60. He isn’t worth the orbs

For now, as you pull new heroes, park them on your bench. Hero space is cheap.

Very helpful thanks @NPNKY! Yes - I did get distracted by the new shiny 5s
I definitely agree on stopping on Yellow Hu @ 3/60, and Green LJ at 3/60 and saving the mats for the others. I just wasn’t sure if I was switching if I should go ahead and switch to Green 5
Lianna or not and which Red.
So Boldtusk is the one to focus on instead of Gravemaker?
And Finish Sonya in Blue instead of switching to Grimm.

In Purple is it worth it to try to spend diamonds get a different Purple 4* or is Ameonna good enough?

Again thanks so much!

Any advice on which feeder heroes to build at the training camps?

If you’re going to use gems, either the Atlantis summon in 3 days or the Christmas Event summon in December will be your best bet. You could also use them for either Knights or Guardians next time those come around. You’re far enough along to not bother with elemental summons anymore.

As for training, park your excess food and recruits in TC13 for now. Use your other TCs to run 1 at level 11 (extra low cost) and 1 at level 2 when you aren’t leveling it up. Focus on getting your stronghold and your highest TC to level 20 ASAP.


Also, are the leaders of your alliance helping you with your questions? They should be

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I have the same problem with my Bane. I’ve reached the level max and I couldn’t reach the 8/8 in abilities. I have feed him anyway but I’m still stuck. Now, I don’t now if I should keep feeding him or I should start level another Bane up.

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I would start a second one. Feed the second one only yellow 1* until special is at least 6/8. After that you can feed yellow 2* as well. Keep the first one, and if you pull any more duplicates, feed him with those, but otherwise don’t bother

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There’s a change in beta that will make it much less costly to “unstick” these maxed-level but non-maxed special heroes. Just leave them aside until the new version rolls in.


I am certainly keeping faith with this, it will surely help out half of my useful level 3* heroes stucked below /8

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Any hint on what version that’ll be in?

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Should be next version out.

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