Keep Justice or remove emblems

I need some help with my defence.

I have Telluria 3/70 tank with emblemed vela and Clarissa as flanks. In wing positions are Kage and justice with emblems.

I’m about to max JF and apply emblems. Do I remove emblems from justice and put JF in my defence or keep justice as a slow wing tank ?

In my honest opinion, Justice is a pure tank. End of. So go with Jean-Francois
Good luck


I thinke @JGE is spot on. And I get why you would want to remove those emblems from Justice, but, keep in mind you won’t back the materials you invested to put them on her. Over time, you can get additional emblems.

Isn’t justice a paladin and JF a wizard? Seems they don’t share emblems

And I agree with the others. Justice is only viable as a tank, once I got a better one I only use her in war depth. Her blinding and bulk are the only usefulness she has. I stripped her emblems for Falcon.

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They are, I meant to remove them from him and put on either Clarissa or telluria. As if I don’t have him in defense the emblems are wasted

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