New challenge event - Player tips and tactics!


I think my main question at this point is if anyone has any idea how many players are playing each tier? Like, should I concentrate on one or try to go at all three?


Finish one first, get a feel for it. Then look at your total score and compare to leaderboards.

And take it from there :slight_smile:


Know thy enemies! The new event heroes that you can Summon are also the bosses in this challenge event! (Hint - bring antidotes!)

An up-to-date hero list?

There was some helpful advice in another thread that I’ll repeat here that helped me kill the final intermediate bosses after failing miserably the first time even with a gem resurrection. No gems needed 2nd time.

First of all my team was maxed Tier3 (not 4, waiting on ascension materials) - Melendor, Boldtusk, Grimm, Tiberius, and Chao. Choosing good battle items helped. I picked 10xsmall antidote, 5x arrows, 5x axes, 10xsmall mana potion. I saved all the antidote, arrows, and axes for the final boss fight and only used 2 of the mana potions before then. Also, I gave up trying to really save the purple character - with the reflect damage, it’s just not feasible.

I also went really slow, not caring about time bonus, but just wanting to finish for the fine gloves and trap tools. I really took my time and thought it out.


Arg… for some reason I ignore the sticky posts at the top and didn’t even notice the event thread in General Discussion! I was wondering why no one was talking about it. Thanks anyway…