Looking for Casual Players ALWAYS ROOM FOR JELL-O

Hi All,

Who we are:

We are loyal long term group of layers who has been in same alliance 2 years or more.

We understand there is a real life out there.

We tame 8 to 10* titan. We ask everyone to hit the titan.

We ask everyone to use same color tank but we do not require it. At the moment we use blue tanks.

We have 16 new and experienced players. Our level range between 40 and 80. We have P2P and F2P players. We don’t discriminate.

Our defense power range from 3K to 5K

Who we are not.

We are not competitive alliance. We do not try to score high in Mystic Titans nor Alliance Event. We score high enough during alliance event so anyone who want play legendary event can play but that is pretty much it.

We do not have drama.

If anything above attracts you come and check us for a day, week, month or stay along for the ride.

Thank you for reading

Do you have a “No Mullets” policy? Asking…uh, for a friend. Yeah.


I do not even know what this means literally. (No Joke). So, I guess we do not have “no mullets” policy

The mullet is a hair style. Short in front, sides and on top. Long in the back.

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Wheres the fun in that? Guess i am out :smiling_imp:

Good luck guys :popcorn:

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Thank you for clarifying that for me. No we do not have policy against mullets.

Fun supposed come from game play not drama. :slight_smile:

Thank you for the reply. Please feel free to spread the word.

I would have considered joining you guys, but I won’t risk going somewhere there might be mullets.

I am sorry to hear that Gezzer. I wish you best of luck in search of mullet free alliance.

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