Kunchen or Ariel

Who performs better as tank on defense?

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I would say Kunchen. Ariel isn’t really a tank imo.

As a healer Ariel is better but she’s not a good tank compared to Kunchen, imo.

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Interesting…I was looking over 7DD’s hero grade sheet & both got an A rating as tank. Her A rating is most likely due to the Atlantis Family defense buff though. My dilemma is Seshat is coming & I’m trying to avoid having two dark heroes on defense. I was thinking I could trade Kunchen out for Ariel & still have a solid defense team. If she’s better at flank I suppose I could move gravemaker to tank position. Thoughts anyone?

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Ariel isn’t a bad tank at all, and she does very well when paired with fast or very fast heroes as they start getting their specials even quicker which can lead to a lot of headaches if the board isn’t cooperating… I do think kunchen has a slight edge because of his defense vs strong color, initial stats and his immunity to defense down, but folks shouldn’t sleep on Ariel as a tank, she can be plenty frustrating herself. If you haven’t maxed either, I’d say Ariel is the better max (even if it does amount to a few less raid trophies overall).

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I agree & that’s why it is so difficult to remove him from the team. They’re both great but I’m trying to settle on a final defense team with no overlap in element or emblems. Looking forward I would like my final defense team to be Kingston - Gravemaker - Ariel - Onatel - Seshat in that order assuming Kingston/Seshat are still strong after their official release. I feel I’d lose some sturdiness but gain speed in return especially since their +4% mana element link pairs well with Ariel’s ability.

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I would say pick the color which your alliance use as tank, or that fit better in that war defence.

Honestly, if you have Gravemaker and you planning to have Kingston, i see as a good team a Gravemaker tank with 2 green as flanks (like Kingston and Kadilen).
Complete it with Seshat and Onatel, and you have your defence, you don’t need any healer.

For wars it’s better to have at least one healer, so pick the one that suit the most the color your alliance use as tank.

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kunchen is great being a tank. but if you already have a tank than ariel will be the better choice since she is average mana and kunchun is a slow mana… his defense buff is great while as a tank

Ariel is *5 Rigard version with Mana Regen

Kunchen is another Vivica with higher Def/Health

personally i lean to Ariel , not fans of slow mana

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I would not dismiss Kunchen as another Vivica. He is insanely more sturdy for starters, and his def debuff on the opponent is what makes him great.

I use a Kunchen (+5) tank myself and have no issues staying in diamond even though the rest of my def team is unimpressive.

When going up against him, I really find his def down on me more annoying than anything else. It makes even slash hits close to lethal and with two fast flanks there’s bound to be trouble. I often find him flanked by GM and/or Drake and that def setup is a pain…

I’ve come across a couple of Ariel tanks as well, as already mentioned she can be annoying with fast flanks but imo not to the same extent as Kunchen - she goes down way easier. As a healer there’s no question who’s best though, average heal and cleanse is gold.

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Ariel is A for tank is for the fact of her mana buff skill and speed.

This is similar to having Albi for tank.

IMO, most of the time they get A for tank spot, is for their skill if they get to launch it.

A for tank represents how badly they can punish a bad board as a stand alone hero.

Ariel, Albi, Kunchen and Ares (although I dont think he is A+ anymore) are examples of those that increase the potential damage their team can do to the other team when they go off at tank. Not only that, they do heal their team at the same time.


I have Ariel and Kunchen, myself. I kept them both at 3/70 for a bit. I ascended Ariel recently and haven’t regretted it. I don’t know if I’ll use her or Poseidon as a tank… or maybe even Hel… but I definitely don’t regret Ariel over Kunchen. The goal is to stay in diamond to open the best raid chest possible. I think Ariel is the overall better hero. Kunchen with slow mana can be annoying to charge with tiles on offense. Maybe he is a slightly better tank, but Ariel will keep me in diamond just fine.
Despite that, to answer the OP’s question, I do think that Kunchen is the better tank. He has amazing stats, helping him live longer to fire his special.


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