Kage or Kunchen in my scenario

I have most essential 4*

5* I own
red: Gravemaker, Anzogh
yellow: Onatel
blue: Thorne
green: Lianna, Elkanen, Atomos
purple: Kunchen, Kage

a) def team: lianna, kage, onatel, thorne, gravemaker
b) def team: lianna, onatel, kunchen, thorne, gravemaker

I understand Kage is generally better in most regards, but is it worth leveling Kunchen (2.60) over Kage (1.1) in this scenario? I currently have 6 tabards and 9 trap tools.

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Kage is unreplaceable , VFast with Good Damage + Dispell

Kunchen is Good only , not mandatory. you can use Rigard + Emblem to replace his position

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Yes, ascend kage first because you’ll use him in every situation.

Defense is over rated, as long as you can easily open your chest in diamond, not a priority.

@arios makes a good point about using rigard as a substitute for kunchen, especially if you give him some emblems.

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Hands down Kage since you have an equally viable tank option in the Blind Bombshell.

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Agree that Kage will be better for more than Kunchen.

But … I don’t think I can agree with the emblems Rigard replacing Kunchens position thing. As a flank sure. But not as a tank.

I like Kunchen as a tank. But I would not ever use Rigard as a tank. His special is way too passive and not threatening at all when fired early in the match.

Rigard heals and cleanses… Ok so what?

Kunchen heals, cleanses, is immune to standard defense drops, buffs his defense against holy, AND drops enemy defense!!! That’s legitimately threatening to the offensive team.

I love Rigard but no way would I ever use him as a tank. Flank, sure. Even wing I’ll put him there in certain teams. But he’s way to passive for the tank position, his special gives a free pass to your opponent to send tiles down his way to charge special skills.

Just my two cents based on my experience fighting Rigard tanks

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Yes. Kage first.

Always ensure that your offense is powerful while raid defense is negligible since you already have at 5 solid heroes for your defense lineup.

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I don’t think the suggestion was to put Rigard at tank, rather he could replace Kinchen’s healing in the defence, but placed elsewhere and defenced up w emblems.

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not as hero position but as utility , they both provide same heal + cleanse , except kunchen with armor debuff

of course you cannot compare them apple to apple , they are different league of *4 with *5. even kids know that

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Thanks for the advice all. This was the first major decision to make that wasn’t obvious to me. I guess the only thing that ultimately matters is easily opening diamond chests and Kage is too much of a bamf to pass up.

Ok that’s fair enough. I just wanted to make sure that was clear

Actually, because Rigard is avg speed, I think they are reasonably comparable. I prefer Rigard in a purple mono stack.

Good boards I’d win either way.

Bad boards I need that first heal up ASAP, and Kunch is often too late when purple tiles are scarce.

On defence Kunch is the choice ifnyou have both options - but a Rigard at +15 or more… he’s no slouch

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