Ariel talent tree advice (TANK)

So I have been switching between using Agier +7 and Mitsuko +11 as my tank for quite some time, but am now switching to Ariel since I just got the scope and have her maxed. I have enough emblems to get her to roughly 12 nodes. I am using her for my War tank, and general defense. Here is my line up:

Poseidon +12, Zeline +10, Ariel +12, Mitsuko +11, Seshat +12

What route should I go? I know I should go hp/defense, but there is a choice between mostly defense or mostly health. I had my maxed talent Rigard go the HP route and got him to over 1400hp. I decided to go HP with a healer because I figured 42% heal was more beneficial the more HP the hero had. Should I go the HP route or the Defense route? Is my HP logic justifiable?

At tank you’re probably benefiting the most from her cleanse and mana boost. Heal is great too, obviously. You’d want her to fire ONCE though, as that puts her into an incredibly strong position and brings the pain from your other heroes that much faster.

So your Def/HP logic makes a ton of sense to me. If I saw you, I’d bring a couple of mana controllers/cutters to try and keep you from firing because emblemed Def and HP makes it unlikely that I’ll kill you outside of a 3,4, or mono stack. Even then, RNG…

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Thanks. I am defiantly taking it the HP/Def route, but what I am asking is should I go mainly HP or mainly Def? You can not choose both most directions.

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Defense is my suggestion, and it is the route I also took. She needs to stay alive and take as little damage as possible. You’ll pick up some health along the way, too.

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Another vote for defence too

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Thanks guys. It is sad to remove my maxed emblems from Rigard :frowning: but I have a 3rd 5* purple in the works for my 3-2 set ups, and she is the superior cleric.


Thinking about the big picture, defense is really your only option. Hit point makes sense with a 42% heal, but she’s only going to fire once maybe twice if you’re lucky. So you only benefit from it once. You always benefit from defense.

so really we focus on everything to get her to fire at least once. That’s straight to defence and then hit points.

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Thanks! That is some sound logic. Really appreciate it. Just waiting for some ham to get this baby rolling!