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In the last three months I’ve pulled Zulag, Guardian Gazelle and Krampus and I’m still trying to figure out which combination is optimal. Obviously Gazelle doesn’t work with either of the others since she removes all status effects but is there any sense having Zulag and Krampus on the same team? From what I’ve seen Krampus appears to be preferred at flank so maybe Zulag could work at tank. Two defensive heroes maybe too much defense leaving it up to the other three to actually kill the opposing team. Or should I just go with Gazelle alone and forget Zulag and Krampus?

I can speak only for zulag,she is very good as flank and because of her non offensive ability she acts poorly as tank,and another disadvantage is that she cant affect all the team with her defence ability.I tested her and the results were rather disappointing.

I have the same heroes and I have the same problem. If you come to a decision, you can let me know.

I think you have to choose between Krampus and Zulag but they compete for the same spot. Unless you have a special reason why you want to defend that much, it is usually better to have punishing heroes in defense that kill you quickly if you spend too much time manipulating the board.

Krampus and Black Knight are very good in that role, they stall while flanks and wings prepare to kill you. But a Zulag as flank won’t kill you at all. I can see an exception if you have slow or very slow heroes in the corner like Alfrike but this tactic seems risky to me. Keep pulling and you’ll get nice flanks and wings who deal a lot of damage. Obviously the main heroes who serve that purpose are Colbalt, Odin, Frigg… they’re fast and if they go off you are dead. Zulag might work as a flank or tank earlier in the game, in gold or platinum maybe? I have one but I haven’t levelled her. Gazelle will be amazing on offense.

So there doesn’t even seem to be consensus about whether Krampus is better at tank or flank. According to Anchor and the 5-star positioning guide on this site he’s great in both positions. I’d like to hear arguments for both sides.

It depends on your options, do you have a better tank than Krampus in your roster?

Get rid of zulag.

It is better to have krampus and gazelle on the same defense rather than zulag with any of them.

Gazelle and krampus will protect each other whoever charges first

Among the 3, there can only be one for defense. You can’t have all three and expect to have a very good defense. You also pointed out that Gazelle’s presence nullifies the skills of Krampus and Zulag. That’s good observation because that dancer is best suited for offense.

Zulag is one disappointing HOTM, SG trying badly to make players opt for other tanks not named Telluria for them to invest their paladin emblems. She is a botched attempt of a purple Ares designed with a pure defensive purpose.

Krampus is the 4th taunter in the game with Queen of Hearts debuting, followed by Black Knight and Shrubbear. Among them, I still see BK as the best one due to his flesh wound skill rendering any incoming damage to boil down to just a simple digit. Krampus however is arguably the most powerful blue tank in the game and can be made effective as such if flanked by ideal red hero/es. But because he is just a new kid in the block, those who owned him has yet to find the best synergy with him on defense. But soon, we will learn and come to know about that. It’s just that both BK and Krampus doesn’t stand a chance 90% of the time with my monogreen team.

But hey… what do I know. I only have Shrubbear as taunter :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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