Krampus or Costume Magni?

I’ve recently acquired my 6th scope to ascend one of these two heroes, both of which I have at 3/70. My maxed blue 5* heroes are Vela, King Arthur, Misandra and Alice.

Currently we run green tanks for war in keeping with the current Meta and have no plans to change colours anytime soon.

Krampus or Costume Magni could potentially replace Vela in my defence team, as Vela is no longer effective after receiving numerous nerfs.

I can’t agree, Vela is still one of the best blue flanks for green tanks, even after nerfs.

You have some firepower already, I would max Krampus first but more for offence than defence

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I have an ally member using C-Magni as flank for Heimdall to great effect. However I have Vela and she still does a great job, so I wouldn’t probably ascend Magni for sole reason of him being flank (though Magni is a great versatile hero on his own right). Krampus is most likely best blue tank (surpassing Aegir in every aspect, as a simple dispel won’t negate his entire special) but I am ascending mine mostly for my Titan team - with Miki, Jott, Vela and C-Kiril he’s gonna do great job there. I will probably try him as a flank to Heimdall to se how he’ll do, especially in Rush War/Tourney.

Anyway, if you ascend either you won’t go wrong. If you really want a flank for green then probably Magni, otherwise Krampus.

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