Blues Better Than Krampus

For those of us who have pulled him and regardless of roster, which 5* blues are BETTER than Krampus when it comes to tank or flank. Seems unlikely he’d ever be on a wing, and we know blue wing heroes are not really comparable. So stick with front 3. Krampus asks, “Who’s better than me?”


Probably nobody… The only other “tanky” blue is Aegir but hes really easy to deal with when you’ve got a bit of experiance.
Cobalt is a dark-horse of sorts in the Blue tank position; Better? Idk… defs more damaging.
Costume Richard & Rumplestiltskin are also ones who can be sneakily decent in tank… But not better than Krampus I don’t think.


If you’re going to put Krampus in Flank position, your tank should really be an attacking one… Having 2+ support / enduring heroes in the centre 3 does leave you open to tile damage & just out waiting you if you will…

Personally, I prefer damage dealing flanks but that’s me :slight_smile:

  • I would rank Master Lepus as probably a better Blue Flank than Krampus.

  • Vela is still a very good blue flank, albiet not necessarily as good as previously, but still good due to the attack debuff to all.


Tanks, I’d rank them something like:

  1. Krampus
  2. Aegir
  3. Ariel
  4. Richard

For flanks, I’d maybe rank at least these equal or better than Krampus:

  • Vela
  • Magni
  • Cobolt
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