Which blue to limit break next?

I’ve already limit broken Cobalt. Which blue should I LB next?
I got Finley, Zircon and Krampus to choose from. Leaning towards Zircon since I don’t have a 5* healer. Krampus is also looking good too. Any suggestions? Thanks!

Krampus is still a superb tank, even without costume/costume bonus and deserves the LB definitely! If you’d rather LB an attacker, then I’d go for Finley, Finley + Cobalt will provide a nice and fast damage combination.


  • Krampus
  • Finley
  • Zircon

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Krampus taunt protection is hard to penetrate, if u want to make it harder then surely he is the good candidate.

Zircon i don’t have him, but are u sure a healer need to be LBed?

Finley, pretty awesome too i think as LB candidate.

But in the end u are the one who play the game. Just test those 3 which one help u more when u play the game. Worthy LBed should be the one u bring often and could turn the table