Kiril Costume v Normal Kiril?

Hoping someone can help me out. I want to take Kiril up to 20 emblems as I’m looking to put him in my war defence team and I also want to use him for Season 2 hard mode. What one should I use?

My personal view:

Costume Better (generally)
For most situations I would say that the costume version is better, mainly because it is more impacting on your teams ability to survive & kill.

Source / all other costumes: Costumes... Whats the Point? Which is Better?


If you use Kiril normal more then the costume, use DEF/HP/ATK of Wizard. Otherwise if you use Kiril costume, then use DEF/HP/ATK of Sorcerer, so carefull before put emblem, you can switch and look at sorcerer path and then put emblem Wizard on Normal Kiril.

In my case, I have 3 maxed, and I put some emblem to my 1st Kiril with Wizard path, because it was long before costumes chamber exist. And I would plan to emblem my 2nd Kiril focus on Costume path.

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Depends on the rest of the team, and the War mode. What’s the rest of the team look like?

Costume Kiril is more versatile and effective.

Not just more percentage(-34% attack, defense of enemy’s Versus +30% of allies), this game automatically has invisible defense team buff(+20% attack & defense).

Without using kiril as a cleanser(for erase allies attack or defense debuff), costume kiril is definitely more powerful type.

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The answer is both.

This game is supposed to be long play.

With alliance wars and events that affected your roster (tavern of legends and ninja tower)… the deeper your four star roster the better you will enjoy more aspects of the game.

And you will INEVITABLY pull another Kiril.

I have 2 Kirils I use regularly … costume and original. And working on levelling a third for events.

If you wanna level all the way… do the first one for costume and use it primarily in costume.

Forum posters have done the math… giving your opponent defense down is the most beneficial to game play VS attack up.

But if you have a second Kiril, you can take both with you on attack lol

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Based on POLL: Who is Better - Maxed Hero with MCB or Maxed Costumed Hero, this resulted to:


It appears that the maxed costumed Kiril is preferred by most of those who participated in the polls since you have the ability to debuff attack and defense of all enemy heroes, making them a bit squishy and attack a bit softly, allowing you to kill them a bit easier and better survive their attacks. Personally though, I would max both and emblem one based on the original version opting def>health>att nodes while the other emblemed based on the costume version opting def>health>att nodes. But I would emblem first the original version since I have Athena handling the enemy defense down. Problem is, the costume is evading me for several months now and getting it gets murkier soon with the introduction of new costumes of other S1 heroes.

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Team above is my Raid defence now happy with no healers. Except Zimikitha of course but its not much heal anyways. I will replace Magni with him for War defence team. Would just having Kiril be enough to complete Season 2 hard you reckon?

Thanks for all the feedback guys much appreciated. :+1:

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Hmm, I wouldn’t replace Magni with Kiril in this line up. You’ve already got attack up, opponent defense down, and your defense up. Kiril’s negligible heal isn’t as valuable as Magni’s damage.

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Costume Kiril looks better but I find that I mostly use non-costume version since I usually pair Kiril with Grimm and the defense down specials are redundant.

I use them both. In offense the normal version works better expect if you have bold tusk in the same line up. This gives and up and a down in two healers. I’ve been disappointed with the costume other than the % bumps on offense