Kirill-C or Kirill emblems path

I’ve got suit for +17 Kirill and I think that it works great with Rigard-С (or other healer-buffer) + snipers (only valid alternatives are Sonya and Isarnia, but Kirill seems more effective).
But he has relatively low armor comparing standard Kirill (700 vs 820).

Should I reset emblems to improve the costume version or keep in current state? Is a compromise possible?

for what? atk raids? defense war?

you gotta give more details

I would max costume and then go for emblems.

Currently, the only costume evading me yet are Kiril’s and Boril’s. I would love to max 2 Kirils and his costumes so both version have full costume bonus. One Kiril would use emblems to boost the original Kiril while the other Kiril would use emblems to boost the costumed version. I may use both of them in mono blues for raid tourneys against red tanks. One kiril buffs all allies while the other one debuffs all enemies.


Raid and tournament attacks. War and tournament defence - maybe, but I won’t prioritize it.

Ofc I maxed costume.

Mee too, but I’m short on emblems (and have a lot of decent mages: Proteus, Melendor-C, Sartana, Isarnia).



I personally prefer cKiril more. The defense and attack debuffs are more impactful than the buffs to your team, he gets better defense stat, and he gets a better talent.

To put it in perspective, he has the same defense debuff as Grimm, but to all enemies at the same speed. He’s basically a 4* version of Gill-Ra (who is a pretty underrated 3* imo), with heal instead of cleanse.

So I would follow the defensive sorcerer path with his costume tree.


Thats my plan. Just levelling the costume for Kiril now

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Thanks. Where are these screenshots from?

Thanks. These bonuses are worth reseting emblems.

I use both, and planing to emblem the 2nd Kiril to use Kiril-C version emblem route (Def/HP).


thats a line bot tool (my line id: boolz_san)

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Did you reset your Kiril?

I did the same thing, ran Frida-Vela-Richard (later replaced with Jott) with Kiril and C Kiril (both emblemed to 19/20).

Sustained a 91% win rate in raids over 125 raids. They work amazingly together, 52% heal and a whole lotta protection for the team at fast speed.

Depending on what I am using them for I swap the costume and non-costume versions - thereby giving me either 2 with high d and health (in 3/2 combo) or 2 with high attack (mono)

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They both have their uses.

Kiril adds a good amount of survivability to your team, particuarly if you face defense debuffers where you can flip the debuffs around.

C Kiril is more dangerous to use depending on the opponent, e.g. against JF, Grazul, lady Loki (rare to find). But still powerful.

Personally I always run both so I get their dual benefits as well as the huge combined heal

I have benched Grimm +18 for my blue titan team, thanks to cKiril. Love that he can charge as fast with the right mana troop.

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Yes, and Kirill-C is better. Sometimes I swap to standart version vs heroes, immune to disarmour.

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