Kiril + Grimm: Costumes or No?

What do we think now that Grimm’s costume is released… is this pair better in costumes or without?

They’ve been a staple for me in a blue stack with 20 emblems each. Haven’t used Grimm much with Kiril costume since the defense down overlapped. Now though, costume versions looking good? What do we think?

If you use the hero you ALWAYS ascend the costume. I find Costume Kiril and Costume Grimm work great together on titans. Kiril drops the defense, Grimm boosts the attack and the next two do the damage. If you need the defense down, just remove Grimm’s costume and voila…you have a much stronger grimm from the boosted costume stats.

Not sure if that was your question but I love the both of them in costume together. Same mana speed too,.


Yea. These two heroes are both great dressed or undressed. It just depends on what you need for a particular fight.

Reducing attacks/defense is more important than increasing attack but costumes clearly offer better synergy :ok_hand:. -34% def / -34% attack from kiril with the +50% attack from grimm is definitively better than original versions.
For titan as I don’t have grimm costume I play them without costume. Hopefully I will be able to change soon :slight_smile:

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