Kingston – New October 2019 HOTM (Hero of the Month): Thoughts & Discussion

That’s a bummer. Both that specials don’t get crits and that the problem won’t be fixed yet.

I’ve got 3 tonics right now and Margaret, Lianna, Horghall, and Kadilen that could use some tonics, so while I’m always eager to pull the new shiny hero, I know my roster isn’t a good home for him right now. My tonic-less empire just isn’t a good fit.

I don’t think it will take too long to fix. They are usually quick with bug fixes like this.

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Perhaps, but how long will it be before v24 is released if they do decide not to release a fix for Kingston until then?

No way for us to know that exactly. One thing though; only 2 updated challenge events have been fully tested. So after the second one next week, they will need to do an update before November’s challenge event. So, second Wednesday in November at the very latest is my guess… likely at least a week before that so they can roll out the update before that challenge event.

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Which sucks for everyone who’s maxed Kingston already and given him emblems.


Status Effect Reference

Hey everyone,

I’ve added a reference to Kingston’s attack debuff to the Status Effect thread. See the linked thread for a reference of all status effects in the game:

I assumed here that Kingston’s debuff has a silent cap of 6 attack reductions while it’s active. But it would be awesome if someone who has him would confirm that :smiley:

The reason why I’m assuming 6 reductions is the silent cap (i.e., the card doesn’t say there is a cap but the game puts one in place), is because that’s how Athena’s defense reduction works too; up to 6 defense decreases for the duration.

Note that the generic attack buffs (including Khiona and Black Knight) and other attack ailments (Alice, Zeline) do not stack with Kingston’s ailment.

That means you can use Boldtusk or similar heroes to overwrite his ailment, and vice-versa you can use Kingston to overwrite attack buffs. Note however that Alice’s ailment is undispellable, therefore Kingston will not overwrite her :wink: So beware using them in the same team.

Happy titan hunting and raiding!

P.S. I know Kingston’s debuff is not working as expected right now, but when fixed, the above comments regarding his ailment should be valuable.


Its 5 reductions. His debuff caps at 51%


thanks! I’ll update the thread

I like zephyr1’s ways of explaining this…

In other words… if we want a 99% chance of getting Kingston… we should be ready to fork out gems summoning 352 times… that is A LOT. Pheww~

Really really want this guy though…


True. I rotally agree with it

Just got him


Congrats! It’s so great getting a legendary off an individual summon. Wish it happened more, but I suppose that would take some of the thrill away


Thank you my friend. In hotms I am very lucky, in 10x or 30x summons never get even one legendary hero.

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When is v24 coming out?

Hopefully soon? :man_shrugging:

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So we have a Hero that is not working until “hopefully soon”. ouch!

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Congratulations… seriously. As I really want him myself… I can understand the ecstatic feeling of getting him in a pull. :+1::+1:

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Is this where I post my lucky draw? I think I read people really like those posts :slight_smile:

Seriously didn’t expect him since I’m not doing any pulls this month, but on topic, glad to have him and hope he’s patched up soonish. Pretty certain it will happen before I get tonics for him as I’m at 0 :frowning:


I also got Kingston from single EHT what I got from offer. Suprised and happy. Still want second Kingston…

Kingston is broken at this moment but I like him already. Gravemaker is not a harm to him + he is green sniper. After fix Kingston will be a beast.




found a new friend for Evelyn :slight_smile:

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