Any S3 hero's you won't be keeping

I’m happy with the ones that I pulled

The bee maker Kvasir)
By Ukf

All look great to me and I’ll be levelling them all.

What about you?

I won’t be keeping dupes of anything below a 5*. Roster is cramped as it is.

I still have some 3* Dupes, but I may not keep them. I’m waiting to see them in the Raid Tournaments to decide if more than one is worth it.

I have already eaten dupes of By-Ulf.

Did a ten pull and got a full rainbow of 3* S3, and a couple of dupes of them. Another couple of single pulls and another couple of 3* dupes. I will only keep one of each for now, the others are already gone. Wish the long promised hero academy was here in order to use the dupes in another way!

I’ll b using By Ulf with Gato he blocks Ukf negative if timed before the 4 turns are up it resets and during the neg stage you stl get the hp boost

That’s just a hollow boast.


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