Kageburado or Azlar for Emblems?

Hi everyone! I recently maxed out Kageburado to level 80, and I’m wondering if I should use my barbarian emblems on him or someone like Azlar. My thinking is this:

Kageburado - His strike against “fresh” opponents is powerful, but less so against opponents below hit points. A bleed effect from the emblems may help Kage deal more damage to enemies even after they’re below half hit points.

Azlar - Azlar hits everyone, so he has more chances to trigger the Bleed effect, and it stacks with his native DOT.

That said, Azlar is Slow and Kageburado is Very Fast, so maybe Kage has more chances to trigger the Bleed effect?

I’m not sure.

I just put Kage on my Defense team now that he’s maxed. Azlar is still in the third tier of ascension. I don’t mind waiting to max him before using my emblems if people feel he’s a better use for them. I’ve been saving my emblems since they were released. I only just used my fighter emblems on Delilah two days ago lol. So if I should max Azlar first that’s fine.

That said, I’ve also got Khagan, Marjana, and Queen of Hearts for legendary reds so I don’t know if Azlar is a wash anyways before even considering emblems.

Any advice is appreciated, thank you!

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The value of the emblems is more about the stat increases than the barbarian bleed effect. I vote for Kage.

Kage is much scarier for me, so I’d probably give them to him

Raises an interesting question about emblem abilities though. For the bleed ability, or pierce, when a character has an AOE, is it one roll per target for whether the ability works, or is it one roll that then applies to all targets if successful? Not sure if that changes the outcome here, but it would be interesting to know

Kage is 1 of if not the #1 KING right now

Kage is the best striker in the game. Azlar isn’t in the top 15.

Obviously Kage

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how many *5 do you have ?

if you are vetera n player with many of *5 , Kage is your best choice , go with Atk + Def route

but if you had limited *5 , better spend your Emblem to *4 , it will help you to have better offensive bench in wars , keep in mind total emblem for *5 (+6) will be roughtly same as *4 (+16) which make *4 close to *5 stats. in this case , better put your Emblem for Grimm

Without cleanse you have to fear Azlar and the small amount of additional poison damage makes him even more devastating.

Azlar up to +4 and further emblems to Burrito.

My barbaric tokens went to Little John…

Kage for sure!!! Definitely level Queen- she’s a beast! Azlar only makes one of my war teams:)

The correct answer is Kage. Anyone telling you otherwise would just prefer to face your Azlar when they raid you…

It’s not even a close call. Dump the emblems on the most important attacker in the game at the moment (and VERY scary defender, as well), and never look back

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Bleed effect only applies on normal attacks, not specials. So there’s no difference in number of targets affected between Kage and Azlar.

The debate between Azlar and Kage is really a question of playstyle and what you’re using them for. If you’re not very comfortable with Slow heroes, you’ll almost certainly prefer Kage.

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Thank you all for the insight. It seems Kage is the clear standout here.

@Garanwyn, thank you for clarifying how the Bleed effect works, it seems I was operating under a false assumption. Does that mean that the Bleed only occurs on Defense, because on Offense heroes don’t have “normal” attacks?

Also, I made an embarrassing omission in my OP that may have been important. I forgot that I pulled Gravemaker in this last Atlantis event, and he’s been sitting in my roster at 1.1.

I know he’s considered top tier and he’s also a barbarian, so maybe the better question was should I give emblems to Kage or Gravemaker? I don’t actually have the rings to ascend Gravemaker all the way, so it is sort of a moot point at the moment. I did give Kage the emblems so he’s sitting at 5 talents right now.

Thoughts on Kage/Gravemaker?

Thank you!

To me if you get Seshat or have Sartana you could emblem Gravemaker, if you have Ares, Santa Claus or Mitsuko you could emblem Kageburado.

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Is that even a doubt??? Who as Kage. Got everything

i had both of them and used them in Def , for now my Kage +6 and Grave +1

You’re welcome. There are so many fiddly details about how powers work that it’s easy to miss them or forget. I know I do from time to time.

Tiles are the normal attacks that an offense makes. So tiles that become the troops of a barbarian can apply the bleed effect. @Mr_Style_Points did some testing and basically confirmed this.

This is the classic question. There’s no right answer. But–how fast can you level GM? You haven’t mentioned your ring situation. Kage is undoubtedly very good, and leaving those emblems sit unused for several months would seem like a mistake.

@FraVit93 of the heroes you mentioned I only have Sartana, and she is 3.19 at the moment.

@arios, I was thinking if I could do the same thing. Both high damage, very fast heroes.

@Garawyn, thanks again! :slight_smile:

I am sitting on 10 rings right now. But I’m starved of ham at the moment trying to get recruits, feeding them to Kage, and spending them on talents. Not sure how quickly I can level Gravemaker (he’s at 1.1). But would they be good flanking my Delilah together?

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