Emblems for Kage, GM or both?

FINALLY got the rings I needed today to push GM to final ascension. I’d love Kage and GM in same def team, but what should I do with the emblems once I get GM maxed? Also, should take emblems from Magni and put them on Boldtusk since I’m not using Magni in defense team anyway?

Also, current roster notes:
Other maxed 5*s: Khagan, Kunchen, Lianna, Vivica, and Magni.
Next in line: Inari, Kage #2, Margaret/Morgan (which one next?), Frida and Khiona
Owned but not ascended: Elena, G. Owl, Boss Wolf, Thoth-Amun, Thorne, Joon, Leonidas, Obakan and Domitia.

Pic of my Def Team is below. Thanks guys!

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Morgan in my opinion because Sorcerer class is pretty good. Margaret is situational and I like Inari for rogue emblems. I have a cage (7 tiered) and also a max GM now. The emblem dilemma is real lol. Since I have Cage on my defence I feel sticking with one barbarian is key and it just so happened to be Cage who I got first. As tough as it is because GM deserves emblems I just feel in the future we will be facing defence teams with a huge amount of tp and to raid/war and be successful I will be better served having emblems stacked on characters rather then spread out to be successful say 6 months down the road. For what it’s worth I do feel Cage is better suited for the Barbarian emblem nodes. Love to hear different opinions on this post though.


i did Both , GM+2 and Kage+6 for now

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