Malosi vs kagebarudo

would you take barbarian emblems from malosi and put them on kagebarudo?

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I have both, and I’m working on putting emblems on Malosi first, and then Kage later.

I find that Malosi’s ability to block specials is amazing. Kage is good too, EDIT: but he only dispels from an enemy after they have used their special, and even then only from ONE enemy. Malosi prevents the special from doing much of anything (see Boril example below). So if you’ve used Malosi against Boril, then nobody has Counterattack. If you use Kage against Boril, two enemies still have Counterattack, so Boril’s special was still 66% effective!

Malosi has such awesome utility that I will bring him to a raid vs. any color, whereas I typically only bring Kage against yellow-tank opponents.

Just my two cents! Malosi is amazing! :smiley:

Good gaming!


Both are good heroes in different ways. Kage’s dispel then hit is awesome and he can also do a lot of damage to an enemy with more than 50% health. Malosi doesn’t do a lot of damage, but his special blocks negative effects which is also useful. Personally, I had K first and had already given him emblems and I didn’t feel that Malosi was worth moving those emblems.

See which one you use misty

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I have Malosi with zero emblems he works just fine, but if I’d get Kage I even might strip BK for him.

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Against holy titans, imagine Kage, who already has an above average attack stat, emblemed to boost more of his attack. He will serve as the hero with high attack stat that dispels the target’s buffs before delivering damage. Although the damage from special skills does not weigh much, but his tile damage on an emblemed Kage would be very damaging.

On PVP, emblemed Kage serves well sniping enemy targets and rendering them dead or dying.

On PVE, emblemed Kage easily doles out huge damage to bosses with his special skills and tiles.

In essence, you get the most with Kage emblemed than Malosi emblemed.

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I adore Malosi, but he doesn’t have a single emblem and still does fine, even without a crit troop, though to be fair he’d probably do even better with. If there’s any chance you would be using either of them on defence I’d emblem that one, in which case it should be Kage because defence is not what Malosi does best. Disclaimer: my Kage is fairly new so is sitting at 1.1. However, I know which one gives me most to worry about when I’m raiding them: the purple guy.

One more vote for Kage here. He is still one of the best snipers in the game.

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He is pure offense, and I have mine at +19.

893 Attack 789 Defense 1320 HP

Throw on any troop and you bring a hammer to every fight.

Malosi has a niche skill, and he’s better on offense than defense. Kage is a must-kill on either side.

I hear the complaints about his hits on enemies below 50% but a careful management of your attack makes that a non issue 99% of the time.

I’ve also never been bothered by Malosi or his hits, so I find him underwhelming compared to Kage.

Like this:


I wanted him to get to +20 for that health bonus, but my 1st GM+16 is yearning them too.


Kage absolutely dispells BEFORE striking. That is why he is a game changer. I would emblem Kage over Malosi. You want to improve Kage’s strike. Malosi does not hit hard, you use him to block specials on offense.

Oops… this was VERY POORLY WORDED on my part.

What I mean is… Boril activates his special, and NOW Kage dispels and hits him, taking no damage because the dispel happens first.

My point being, if Malosi hits Boril first, Boril doesn’t get counterattack at all, nor do either of his enemies. :slight_smile:

I’ll edit the original post to more correctly identify what my intent was.

Good gaming!

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