Need advice with my defense team

Hello everyone, here is my 5* heroes:
Green : Gregorion, Elkanen, Atomos, Horgal
Blue: Ariel, Rumpelstilskin, Frida, Isarnia, Misandra, Vela, Thorne, Richard
Red: Gravemaker, Marjana, Zimkitha, Anzogh, Khagan, Natalya
Yellow: Poseidon, Leonidas, Vivica, Joon
Purple: Kageburado, Kunchen, Seshat, Domitia, Thoth-Amun

My current defense is: Kageburado-Ariel-Gravemaker-Gregorion-Poseidon

I just maxed kunchen and I woud like to build team with him as a tank. I thought about: Misandra-Gravemaker-Kunchen-Joon-Gregorion. Elkanen would be better then Gregorion but i don’t have many cleric embles. I prefer rainbow team.

What is my best defense team with Kunchen as a tank? Thanks for any advice!!

So many choices.

I would definitely do a few test runs and see what works the best. Can’t assemble a proper defence without it.

Have you considered a yellow sandwich with Joon and Poseidon?

Marjana, Poseidon, Kunchen, Joon, Gregorian

How many cups does your current defence hold on?

Leave it like it is or try fast Elk for Greg.

Kunchen is much overrated as tank imo. I have more problems with hitting tanks, especially if they are fast or very fast.

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I have never tried sandwich, just prefer rainbow team. Cups about 2500 but if I cross 2600 cups after 15 minuts they fall by 200 cups

Get Kage off that wing (Kage is definitely a flank, not a wing!).

I’d echo a previous commenter - I hunt Kunch tanks, definitely don’t fear him going off anywhere near I would Ursena for example.

I’d also echo the suggestion to consider sandwiching, especially if you’re running a tank that encourages stacking.