Which Purple 5* Should I Level

Thanks to some luck withthis Atlantis, I now have a choice between Kageburado and Clarissa.

My current roster is as follows:

My thoughts on Kageburado:

One of the biggest issues with my purple stack has been that most of my heroes play suportive roles. With both Rigard and Sabina, as well as 2 Proteus making up a large portion of my purple stack, I have no direct damage. Tiburtus, while he does do direct damage, is more of a support hero with his defense drop. Domitia, my sole attacker simply doesn’t hit hard or fast enough.

As such, I was leveling up Sartana to fill this gap. However, Kage can hit both faster and harder than Sartana (at least against enemies with over 50% HP), making him a good option.

It also helps that I have many barbarian emblems, since only Grimm has needed them so far. However, I also pulled Gravemaker, who would also want the same emblems.

My thoughts on Clarissa:

Clarissa is similar to Gravemaker, albeit with lower DOT and an intersting elemental link. Like Kage, she is very fast.

On the emblem front, she would be competing with Aegir, Sonya, and Guardian Falcon.

These are the other heroes I am working on currently:

All help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

I’d go with Clarissa. You already have 2 purple dispellers - Sabina and Domitia.

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