Kadilen, Tarlak, Atomos or wait

Iam just close to have 6 tonics for my 2nd green 5*.

I have available Kadilen, Tarlak or Atomos.

Tarlak is at 3.60 and, of course, pretty good but my alliance is only fighting 6-7* titans and I am not sure if there is any benefit to max him. Especially as I only use him on titans.

Atomos is currently at 2.60 and just meh… Based on the opinions of the forum, he is not much better when maxed, I just hold him as I hope he will be fixed sometime…

I just pulled Kadilen some days ago, so she is still at 1.1 and I have no experiences with her yet. Her special doesn’t look strong, but she is fast…

I have the following greens maxed:
Little John

My defence is:


Maybe a maxed Kadilen can replace Gadeirus in defence? But in this case I would loose my attack buff and some healing. Otherwise Kadilen hits all and gives additional defence against specials…

Any ideas would be really nice!

Tarlak for sure, he is far superior overall IMO and much harder to get.

You’ll fight higher titans soon enough, plus game is more focused on offense than defense.

Tarlak, 100% sure. Unless you have Miki, and maybe even then since Miki is really geared towards titans, while Tarlak is more versatile and will serve you well in Raids. Kadilen is not spectacular (though I do think she is a bit underrated, especially compared to other green S1 not named Lianna) and Atomos is a serious contender for worst 5* hero (but he is extremely dangerous as a boss).

Also, even if you don’t fight strong titans now you eventually will, and it is not a bad idea to prepare in advance. That will also allow you to claim top spots for titan fights, which come with better rewards, and pull your alliance toward stronger titans eventually.

Out of those three, definitely Tarlak. He is very useful in 9 out of 10 titan fights. The one being where the titan reflects nature damage.

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