Justice for four?


I have mats to level justice and one day more yellow. I have 10

But will he help me?

I have emblemed jacakal and Wu but no other five star

Also I have 10 yellow trainers…

Should I level him?

I would say yes. Since you have 10 poison darts you are only 2 away from another 5* yellow being able to get maxed. I’m currently in the situation where I have no yellow 5* heros and 7 darts. Which is the only 4* mat I have enough of to ascend a 5* hero. But either way Justice will be a help on offense and defense and will always be a help during wars.

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Lacking any other yellow 5* or even 4* to level, yes I would say Justice is helpful and that you should level her.

She’s a great tank for defense teams, both war and regular raid defense. She’ll help you on offense too, until you get better yellow heroes for those roles.


I have had a Justice tank for quite some while now and she is a really great vanilla tank. Plus her paladin class also helps her case. If you don’t have any other 5 star yellow, she is really good. :slight_smile:


At least after the next legendary rush you’ll love her.

Def I’d really would fear there:
Mom Az Yun Just Isa

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