Justice or Bane?


I’m new f2p in this game and for the moment I lack top tier heroes.

I use Bane 3*+1 in offense team. Also have Justice 2.60 waiting for 1 more orb.

Should I use justice instead of Bane? If not, should I use her if she get to 3.70? Better keep my orbs for my next yellow 5*?


Yes, Justice- any 2.60 5* is better than any 3* in virtually any situation.

I would also recommend leveling Justice to 3.70 once you get an orb. But that does depend on where you are at with yellow 4*. You could leave Justice at 2.60 and work on a 4* if you have one.

My only yellow heroes are 3 x bane (only 1 maxed), 1x kailani 3.50 and justice 2.60 , but I’m running a TC 13 so I hope get more yellow heroes soon, probably more bane and kailani :sweat_smile:

My doubt is if justice 2.60, or 3.70 can be used as a tank or if she is useful in other role (offense team).

My current offense team is Nashgar 3*+1, Grimm 3.60, Caedmon 3.60, Proteus 2.18, Bane 3*+1, and just got Azlar today so will get his spot when he grows up a little.

Any advice will be great.


Level up another Bane first. Considering you’re new to the game, what you really need is a larger amount of leveled up heroes. 5*s are very resource intensive, and you’ll end up with just 1 great hero rather than several good ones. It’s more valuable to have more heroes, as that gives you choices for stacking the strong color against tough bosses and enemies.

Bane is a fast and reliable sniper for your stage in the game. I would focus on more 3*s first, since they’re cheap to level up.

I wouldn’t worry about defense team. Put your strongest heroes in there. You get most of the rewards in this game from attacking, not defending.


Justice is a formidable tank. Especially at your level. I would swap Justice for Bane. With the heros you listed I would consider running this lineup:
Caedmon (dispel any riposte/def buff) - Grimm - Justice - Proteus - Nashgar

I would consider leaving 4 orbs aside as a reserve in case you get Wu Kong, and then spend any surplus on Justice :wink:

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Yes, I’m keeping my Banes thinking in lvl them for war and titans.

@DaveCozy I’m thinking in attack team, as you say, I don’t worry to much about defense team.

@Seef824 thanks for the advice, will try that setup. Will be Azlar a good substitute to Nashgar when he gets to 2.60?

Is it a Good Idea use more emblems In the maxed Bane?

@uvekolarz that’s wath I’m thinking about. My SH is at lvl 17, so I’m looking to get TC20 one day :sweat:

my advice was for your defense team. I would probably go with two maxed bane in an attack if you were raiding and wanting to color stack.

As for emblems; I personally have not used any emblems on 3*, but I already had a decent bench of 4* heros when emblems were introduced. Bane can be useful for a long time, so giving him some emblems certainly seems reasonable.

Azlar will be a good replacement for nashgar in a defense team when you get him to 2-60. But it might be good to take other’s advice and keep working up 3* until you have a solid 2 rainbow maxed 3*

I know that probably is better to focus on 3s, I’m currently working on one of each color , but It hurts to see my 4s and 5*s getting dust in the bench.

Wich talent side would you recommend for Bane, health or defense?

I think it’s been always like that.

Offense team really depends on the situation / enemy. I see you are using rainbow (one of each color) for offense. I used to do that, but I discovered color stacking (to use 2-3 heroes of the color strong against enemies). Try it on the world map, you can see what enemies you are fighting. It’s helped me a lot in raid attacks too.

I think Bane can get a few emblems, maybe up to +4 or around there. Especially if you don’t have any other Monks. I have a Belith +8 who I still use sometimes in Wars.

In general +Defense is more useful than +Health. This is because of how damage is calculated. (this is also why it’s generally more useful to decrease enemy defense than to increase your hero attack).

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The team that I posted is the base, I modify it to stack color and remove weak if necessary. As I’ve said, I’m working in some 3*s to have more war teams (at least 6 decent teams) and different options for titans and raids. Thanks for the advice about +defense. I’m thinking in give Bane some emblems , maybe +4 or +7.

@fozster03 I think I don’t get what you say mate. :thinking:

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