Roc or Justice

hi, this is my first post here on the forum, because I had a question. I am a f2p player, and I have Justice 3 * 70, recently I managed to summon Roc from the sand empire, but I only have darts for one. Which of the two is recommended to level?

Roc for speed, cleanse and DOT.

For sure. No doubt.


Yep. I’ve got Justice at 4/80, and she only gets a run in 5 star rush tourney these days

5 star cleansers are not common, and Rocs other stuff is solid too. And in the current meta, average >>> slow

If you are looking for a 5 star yellow tank then it has to be Justice. But basically that is all she does - tank.
For everything / anything else then it has to be Roc.
Whichever hero you choose, good luck

Thanks for the answers.
I’m going with Roc