Which yellow hero should I level next?

Hello everybody,

I’d like some advice as to which of my yellow heroes to proceed with next. Please note that ascension materials are at a premium for me right now, so I’m trying to be efficient in my choices. I have the following 4 star heroes fully leveled already:

  • Gullinbursti
  • Mist
  • Wu Kong
  • Li Xiu
  • Chao

I have 2 five star heroes, neither of which are fully leveled:

  • Justice is at 3/70
  • Norns is at 2/60

I have the following unleveled four star heroes:

  • Gullinbursti (2 of him)
  • Hu Tao (2 of him)

Do I level up a Hu Tao because I don’t have one of him leveled yet? Another Gullinbursti, instead? Maybe continue with either Justice or Norns? I almost have the materials to ascend Justice (need one more dart), but my understanding is that she is not that great of a hero when it comes to the five star folks. I currently only have one more pair of fine gloves, so if I go with a four star hero or the next level for Norns, I gotta make it count (and hope I get some more fine gloves soon because its going to hold up the presses here for me)

So what do people think? What should my order of priorities be here? Thanks!!

I have 3 gullunbursti, super helpful for war and ninja tower. I have one Hu Tao and I never use him. You have Li Xiu, a faster and better version of him/


You can take the 2nd Gullinbursti up to 3.60 (you don’t need any mats for that). After that depending on your gloves fully level him, or take Norns to 3.70. Norns aren’t something spesial, but they are far better than Justice. If you don’t have any 5* yellows you may want to wait a little longer before ascending the Norns

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Justice was my first yellow 5* and I still use her in my yellow mono team (with viv, gazelle, jackal and malosi)… she isn’t special but neither is Norns. But I think she’s better than she gets credit for. But otherwise I agree, take a second Gullinbursti to 3/60, and then choose who you enjoy playing better with the 5* ones. Sometimes it’s just about your own style really!


@Chadmo @panoskyr and @rampej, thank you all for your responses. I appreciate you taking the time to give me your thoughts and opinions!


@Christian77 Another vote for Gullinburst.

I have 2 maxed Gullins, and would max a third. I use both in Rush Attack wars and raid tournaments, the map (specifically S3)…

Then maybe I’d work on a fourth Gullin will waiting for materials for Norns.

Note: I have a crazy amount of 4* healers maxed, so I’m probably biased toward another Gullin over first Hu Tao. I assume no costume for Hu Tao, is that correct?


Gulli over Hu Tao…or Norns to 3/70.

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Correct, no costume for Hu Tao. You use two pigs at the same time on the map stages? Once I get my second one maxed, I’ll have to experiment with that!


Oops. I’ll use one Gullin on two separate Rush Attack war teams, up to two Gullins on Rush Attack raid tournament defence (and it has performed well, but I find tournament def performance random), and one Gullin+19 (level of emblems) specifically when doing a stage with Alfrike and/ other health cutters.

If you are still building up your attackers, you may want to double up on healers to help your team survive. Since Gullin is slow mana, you might want to time using his special skill for second charged up Gullin on the map or elsewhere. It depends on how you play. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Fwiw, I maxed all 3 of my Gullis for Ninja tower. I could use one more :slight_smile:

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I use this team for most map stages these days. Especially when auto-farming. It’s…hard to kill. Lol.


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