🔵 [Jun 14, 2020] Trials of Nature Teams – Share Yours & Discuss!

This was very easy. I am sure I don’t usually do this one as easy as it seemed to be today. I think that maybe I got quite lucky with tiles. I had a lot of greens, I can remember.

C Rigard +18 / Evelyn +5 / Caedmon +8 / Tiburtus +18 / Tiburtus 4/40

I didn’t use any items which honestly, I was surprised at.


No issues once again. Ranger team is just too boss.


Rewards: (no token)

Emblems saved for now. Druid are for Lepus (need 1 scope) and ranger ones will probs be split between seshat, Evelyn and red hood.


I never use to appreciate the Ranger class but since having C Rigard & Tiburtus (both at +18) and Evelyn… I am loving it. Being able to bypass is simply amazing. I can’t wait til I have Lianna max too, so she can be put with Evelyn and Telluria (I’d replace Clarissa :stuck_out_tongue: )… Only 1 tonic to go!


@notyou87, same for me too! I am just waiting for Shrikewood for my tonic then I can ascend Lianna too :smile_cat:

I did it for the second time :smiley_cat:

My team was: Lianna (3/65), Rigard in his costume (+14), Tiburtus (+16), Berden (maxed) and Sonya in her costume (maxed). I used 1 dragon bomb, 5 bombs and 1 axe attack on the final level but I think I could have won with less. I just wanted to play safe :rofl:

I used my ranger emblems to take Tiburtus up to +17. I don’t have any maxed druids so I am saving my druid emblems for now. Lianna ate the 3* green trainer hero :bow_and_arrow:


I’ll try the last stage with Tiburtus 2x Sonya Gobbler and Rigard 3/20-30iish something and post video if succeed. Rigard looks so strong in that costume :s

Sadly the video failed i was greedy to record in HD and my phone is crap so it stopped recording during the fight :frowning:
I took screen at the end and i leveled rigard to 3/60 before fight :slight_smile:

3 bombs mainly to disable the berserk from Brienne
Some precation healing pots used up and 1 mana
Easy Fight thanks to costumes trials are fun


Here’s the team:

I swapped in Tibs for a maxed Kadilen. I just didn’t feel like monostacking. I fire Buddy first for his drop, then Tibs because he hits longer and his D drop last longer and immediately overrides Buddy’s short duration.

Overall it went fine. I need to change my battle items as I use some just because I always forget to swap in health and mana pots. With those I wouldn’t need the items. In too much of a hurry for emblems I guess.

Ranger emblems going towards Tibs next node. Druid for Kadilen I suppose. No other non 3* druids and if I get he costume she’s great. I am skipping Caedmon’s last node because 70 emblems for a slight mana boost on an already fast hero is silly resources as a F2P in my opinion.

Good luck out there!


Melendor +11 / Caedmon +20 / Finley +9 / Triton +18 / Khagan

This went reasonably well. I did run out of healing and mana, so used some axes to make sure they went down.

Fed the trainer to Ishtakk’s costume (may regret not upping the special…). Finley wants the ranger emblems, don’t have any worthy druids handy.


Same team as last time.

  • On the bench: Evelyn, Vela, Tibs, Triton, Buddy 1 and 2, Gad, Jack, Mel, Dapper Rigs, Viking Sonya 1 and 2, Lepus, Chao, Caed, Mireweave, Gullinbursti, and Lianna 2 4.1
  • Up and coming: Ranvir 1.25, Alasie 4.50

Got to the bosses with everyone ready, and a diamond to boot. I went after Chao first with Lianna, but the board play leaned instead to Horghall. Ultimately, both died to tiles simultaneously.

Athena got the last hit in on Brienne. Trainer to Almur, emblems to Lianna and Vela.


Same team as last time

Lost Rigard halfway through boss battle but was able to finish it off after unloading axes and a few arrows. I’ll start working on Freya after I finish Tarlak, then I can take Kadilen’s emblems and give them to Vela. After that I’ll likely replace Kadilen with Freya. I should also swap Rigard out for +19 Mel for the next time this trial returns. I always forget my costumed heroes… need to start using the heroplan.io to keep track of trial heroes better.
Trainer to Tarlak. Druid emblems to Vela raising her to +3, Ranger emblems to Buddy taking him from +4 to +11


My Team Last Time

My Team This Time

Emblem changed: Seshat+17 and Alby+16.

Other Options

Screenshot at Jun 15 04-19-48

The Battle

Decent start…

No item :muscle: :+1:


Emblem both keep for Alby and Seshat, both need more emblems.
Trainer goes to … Grevle, wait… I think (he) is almost max and no need 3* trainer,… so keep inventory.


Did it with:

  • Vela +15 (still kicks a** even after nerf)
  • Gregorion +17
  • Ranvir 4/80
  • Melendor 4/70 (costume boost)
  • Kadilen 4/80

Kadilen + Vela are nice 1-2 combo for enemies, cleaning enemy waves easily. The bosses were also softened this way + Ranvir’s skill, then Greg finished the job. Melendor healed. Very easy, not a single item necessary (I don’t even know what I had there).

Emblems saved for Vela and Greg (Vela should have enough to advance 2 more nodes, just that iron). Green trainer will collect dust.


I went with Nuked the bosses from space, because that’s what it took over 3 tries for the final battle.

First battle, my phone lost connection late on the final phase.
Second battle, had an urgent issue to attend to, and autoplay failed as expected - the other option was to flee or let it time out.
Third time worked with not a lot of items.

Team was Costume Rigard - Triton - Melendor and 2 of Chao/Tiburtus/Kadilen.


@Zteev, I hate it when connection is lost during an important battle! Glad you were able to beat the last level in the end :trophy:

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Very late to reply to this thread XD but I found a video on my phone of me beating this trial a few months ago with an all 3* team. My team is much better nowadays so I can save some items :stuck_out_tongue: (Melendor (+9), Gadeirus, Tibs (+19), Kvasir, Ishtaak with Costume bonus)

In case anyone isn’t convinced this is beatable with 3*s here’s the video :wink: