🔵 [July 10, 2019] Trials of Strength Teams – Share Yours & Discuss!

Let us know if you complete it! Almost max Boldtusk + 3 blues, you might have a small chance. With the carpet bomb, anything is possible.

@KnifeWonder, I love LJ’s mana debuff but this is what helped sell me on Hu Tao:
LJ def / health: 569 / 988
Hu def / health: 631 / 1183


@JAWS_3D, almost…

My forge is not yet at Dragon attack, should be use Dragon attack instead Axe/Arrow.


Yeah Hu is definitely more resilient. They killed my LJ with two consecutive hits, from almost full health. I wanted to blame the board (cause it took a bit longer since almost no good matches) but yeah never happened to me that i loosed a hero like that in one turn bam bam Azlar and Elena. They surly knew where to fire :laughing:

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Very useful in the Trials of strength! Bought time for my Boldtusk, Elena and Azlar to charge a second time… Needed no items this time.

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Yeah that was so close. With some dragon attacks instead of axes they be already dead.

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First time doing a trials and I did not use any battle items… I didn’t even read up to know what to bring and oh how I needed antidotes @Starryeyedgryph also!!!

Q: How many boldtuks are enough?


Answer = you can never have too many !

TP 3600 approximately
Boldusk X2, Magni, Grimm and Elena

Took a picture of the team after as I thought I had one in the last trial ( but seems I didn’t ).

I like this one as I have Poseidon and LJ which I can use as well , but I’ll stick to Boldusk as a staple. Probably my favourite 4* hero to date…

Edit : you guys need to tell me what photo editor you use … so I can put smaller pics up, OR if I can remember my log in details to the forum , I can just take the screenshots on the tablet , post on the forums there instead of on my phone …:neutral_face:


Looking at it right know. You need antidots tho. Next time bombs and dragons (if you manage to get them) antidots and health potions

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Mine is sturdy now.



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It’ll make a good tank in the tournament where all the heroes are very fast mana :sweat_smile: immagine that in a combo with a red limitation :rofl:

Mines are on Grimm and they wont move from there:


That grimm is a beast on offence! @KnifeWonder


Yeah i love my miniMagni. All those GMs from the diamond arena know him very well :joy:

It got real at the last minute, they were all charged up so I had to nuke or be dealt with! I wanted to use my rainbow because it was funner but also more dangerous! I fed my trainer to Marjana too though


My Team Last Time: Obakan 4/80+6, Hu Tao 4/70, Colen 4/70+7, Little John 3/60, Grimm 4/70
My Team This Time: Grimm 4/70, Poseidon 4/21, Obakan 4/80+6, Boldtusk 3/22, Little John 3/60

-I don’t have Delilah, but I do have Boldtusk. I finally started working on him. He is still fairly low level, but that heal is really useful.
-It did help to have some heavy hitters. Plus, with Grimm to lower enemy defense and Boldtusk to raise my attack, Poseidon hit hard.

-Yes, my team changed. I took out Colen and put in Boldtusk. I also took out Hu Tao and put in Poseidon.
-The heal and attack boost made the trials much easier. Even without being fully leveled, Poseidon hit the bosses really hard.
-I used antidotes to get rid of the DoT, a few healing pots, and some damaging items.
-Hoarding all emblems for the time being. These new buildings aren’t cheap.
-Boldtusk ate the trainer hero.
-Green isn’t a great color for this trial, but Little John’s -64% mana generation hitting the slow bosses is amazing. Definitely glad I brought him. You could barely see a tile hit increase the boss’ mana bar.


He use Gato shield to prevent burning.

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My Team Last Time

My Team This Time

The Battle

I had a remarkably easy time. There’s not much to say that’s not covered by this screenshot, including the item usage shown.

Shiny New Emblems

Grimm stepped up one to +16, but I didn’t have quite enough for a second node, nor quite enough for Hu Tao’s first node.

Fight Fire with Fire

My second Jahangir ate the Trainer Hero. I’m not worried about him not maxing his special before he hits 50 because I have another Jahangir to get rid of…


Sadly, I wasnt able to finish the 3rd stage… Next time it will be, when Im stronger and with a better selection of heros :wink:


Took this team. Sumitomo instead of Gato last time and Colen ascended to 4th level. Went pretty smoothly. Had to use a bunch of health potions but kept the other items at a minimum.

Emblems to Grimm and Colen once he’s maxed. Boldtusk won’t show up and I’m tired of waiting for him! Trainer to Colen as well! Going to be ready for the next very fast tournament :wink:


I should really level Little John, he helped slow down Azlar and Elena. Or finish my second Grimm. I got Boldtusk about 2 months ago, fastest hero ive ever maxed, he the man :blush:


Thanks @Sarah2, nice to see a fellow Kiwi on the forum :blush:


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