📯 Jott – New Season 3 Hero – 4* Ice/Blue: Thoughts, Discussion & Summon Results with Feedback

I don’t see a how many turns Jott’s buff lasts. I want to level him but not if his buff only last 1 turn

You mean the boosted tiles? Until you use them or an opposing enemy/Jott casts their special.

Because Jott’s special reads “All Ice shields on the board become enhanced.” Due to this, an future Ice shields are not enhanced. However, Jott is an amazing hero. He’s a must for fire titans. The trick is maximizing the number of Ice shields on the board when you use his special – this is literally tricky because you obviously use Ice shields to charge his special, decreasing the number of Ice shields on the board. Here’s a video by @JekylandHyde with Jott in action

325K Single Titan Hit w/Season 3 Jott w/Mistakes - YouTube

Is Jott only very useful if you fight with mana potions or alike?

Thanks for the share. This one is +100K bigger:
424,998 Single Titan Hit!!! — Empires and Puzzles Books - YouTube

He is much better with potions although still remains helpful without mana potions.

Yes, absolutely.
I started off on attack path the first two nodes like @A_Donkey_And_Mouse did, but he is too flimsy so the last nodes went Def/HP. Took Jott all the way to +20, taking shield at node 19 rather than mana (I’ll feed mana potions on titans when needed, the +2% mana is not nearly as valuable as the extra Def.
He remains very squishy at +20:

A 801
D 697
HP 1279

If starting from scratch I would go purely Def/HP with Jott.


I went 771/715/1315 at +20 emblems
Amazing using jott with miki and scroll of alteration together

Will start working on my 2nd jott shortly . My fav ice hero


Concur with those who emblemed Jott. He is not only a good damage dealer, my titan scores have vastly improved. He’s awesome.

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I agree, I love my Jott. I use him together with Kiril, Nordri and Grimm. I’m really glad that I pulled him a few months ago! :slight_smile:


Do you really think it’s worth the mats to do a second? I almost finished leveling my first Jott, but also got a 2nd which I haven’t fed away but thinking about it.

Tricky but for me the mats not an issue and it gives me opportunity to make full use of jott in the mythic titan events

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When you guys max Jott for titans, don’t forget he’s a monster in the rush tournies. I stack him with Frank and costume Kiril, and the enemy is severely wounded.

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Its worth it only if you and your alliance want to compete aginst red mythic titans event otherwise I don’t think more than one is worthy.

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Is your Jott’s emblem focused on def/hp or att/def?

Here’s mine. Attack → Def → HP

Edit : If my math is correct, going Def → HP → ATK should give you 756 - 733 - 1315

Edit 2 : Ok, my math is wrong :P. It should be 756 - 715 - 1351


What titans can he survive (9*, 10* or even more) with this emblems?

I went the same route as @Liam_K and we are fighting 11/12* and he survives most of the time at least one hit (he has a crit troop(unleveled), which makes him a little bit more sturdy).

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Attack>Shield all the way

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I fight 9-11* and he can take one hit. Costume Kiril is a great protector.

I’m routinely fighting 9-10* Titans and he can take 2 hits. It helps to give him a defensive-oriented troop