Doubt about yellow hero

Hi guy´s ,I have doubts about which one I should ascend.
(May be that my english is not so good)

I have in my hero roster Jackal, Chao at 3/60, but I also have Joon at 1/50 and I have in my inventory 8 “Orb of magic” and only 2 “Poison darts”.

Is it better to ascend to Jackal, Chao before than Joon? or I wait
for the poison dart for ascend to Joon? or I go up to any of them (hero 4*) and leave Joon 3/70 while appear the darts and more orb?

Thanks boys!

Jackal => Chao => Joon

Cheaper first to fight for more ascension mats and not getting stuck with weak legends.


Level Jackal asap. He will make your titan score explode and will be really useful for a 1-2 punch with your 3/60 Chao.
Joon will take to much resources for now and it will be a while before you get your hands on more darts


What he said…

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