Joon or Drake (and Jackal)?


Hey all,

Here’s my conundrum:

I’ve got seven orbs and seven darts. I have G. Jackal at 3^60, Drake Fong at 3^70, and Joon at 2^60.

I’m terribly indecisive and can’t make up my mind on who to ascend. I could max out Drake right now and be just one orb short of maxing out G. Jackal as well, or I could take Joon up to 3^70 and hope for one more orb soon. However, then I would have no more orbs for G. Jackal.

I suppose titans are my priority, but at the same time, I’m just on the cusp of Diamond arena for raids and would like to maintain that for the loot.

What would you knowledgeable folks suggest?

Thanks in advance!


If you need a damage dealer then OFC Joon
If you need a cheap fast hitter then Jackal.
(As Jackal is 4☆ cost less AM)
If you need Chiness dude in your team then Darke sad Lee :rofl:


You should ask @f1ush - who will tell you Joon hands down

Between Drake or Joon, it depends on whether you want an all-rounder or a pure attacker. If pure attacker go for Joon.

Guardian Jackal is great against Purples but most if not all 4* are pretty limited defence-team wise if you are talking about Diamond Arena


I have all 3 maxed. I am Level 53. Go with joon, than jackal than Drake. Max all 3


I think your first idea is the best. Drake first, Jackal soon.


Jackal 1st, Joon is still good at 3/70, 1 - 2 punch is devastating in offense, high tile damage in Titans .


Jackal first. He will make your others stronger. Then Drake, then Joon


Jackal first. Don’t worry about holding diamond cups. The loot isn’t much better than platinum anyways, but if you can hold high platinum cups you can open diamond chests anyways.


Depends how on your requirement.

Joon for offensive raid

Drake for versatility as he is great on defense

Jackal is a must but look at what you need now.

If you have no worries about defense, I recommend jackal first. He is great for titans (any color except yellow if you color stack him)


Thank you all for your input.

I think I’m going to start with Jackal, I’m just not entirely sold on Drake.


Good plan, especially if you get a yellow 4* mana troop to L11. Jackal is a powerful attacker with that troop, which powers him up with only 6 tiles (3 ghosted).

Jackal followed by Joon kills nearly any unbuffed hero.


I would love to max Joon next, just can’t decide if it’s worth having both Drake and Joon at 3^70 until I can get another set of orbs.


If drake didn’t look like a knockoff Bruce lee I think he’s an easier choice honestly. His art is a huge turn off. But he is really good. Joon is very good and looks really cool and that kind of skews the metre.


Ha, there’s certainly some truth to that.

I’m also slightly leaning toward Joon because I’m lacking in the sniper department.


I have to say Joon.

G Jackal is one of my maxed 4*. He is very good, but he needs to have a yellow hero to team with or another color hero to buff him.

If you had even nine orbs, I might say Jackal; however, getting five orbs before one dart is unlikely as an event will happen soon.

Good luck