Joon and constume joon max stat and emblem path

Hi friends I already asked this but no reply that’s y writing again. Sry if it is duplicate . Please reply so that it will help a lot to me to decide .

I would go FULL ATTACK on regular joon. Than that makes Costume Joon also full attack. Only node i missed is node 19 where i went attack for Joon which gave C-Joon critical instead of mana. But his hits are huge on both.

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Sorry to revive this thread. I have the same case.
I also want plan to emblem for costume path in Full attack.
I think the path for monk and fighter is not the same. My priority is on order:
Attack > Def > HP > Healing.
Here is for comparison table.
I’m not sure though for level 19 (mana or crit).


If you have a level 17 mana troop (+11%), then the costume bonus (+5%) is enough to take Joon to 7 tiles.

Also depends if you can spare the mana troop at level 17 or higher for him too though. If you can’t mana might be worth it as then you only need a level 11 troop.

But it really depends if you want to get the 7 tile break with him or not, and what your mana troops like by that point. Some players are content with him charging at 8 tiles and instead just putting a crit troop on him to help him survive longer. Whatever your playstyle is.

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my joon: went for costume defense


Thank u so much …

Great final stat, thanks…

Hi @Boolz_San I’m on the way like this . Please tell me upto now my path is okay ? And what path I need to go further ?

hey @TheBeastxGreat

as I see it, you went defense on monkJoon and atk on fighterJoon

so for the next 2 nodes this should be the same path you chose:
monk image - image fighter

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Yeah Bc make him sniper more , thanks

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I emblem, excalty the same with your path… priority DEF/ATK on Fighter path.

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