Joon Costume or CB?

Hi All,

I just had Joon costume, and maxed already.
I havent find the topic, so i am interested in your opinion if hebis better in Costume or with CostumeBonus
His talent is maxed

CB 884/757/1552 +19
Dmg 468% acc -40/6 rounds

C 857/770/1580 +18
Dmg 488% acc -35/6 rounds

So the question is
Which is better

Difference is mainly the heroe class
And with costume i can save 125 monk emblems
Spec attack dmg quite same
CB has smaller acc reduction
C has higher base dmg stat but less def and life

So like fighter class, emblem saving and higher def and life on Costume
Monk class higher base attack and higher acc reduction on Costume Bonus

What di you think?


Wether we choose CB or Costume, it consumed monk emblems.
I choose Costumed with DEF/HP path.

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I always go Costume Joon and at +18 he is formidable



Fighter is a much better class.
Stronger special
Slightly higher attack
Blind % is negligibnle
Go all attack, its the best practice for snipers


I understand that one, i mean that with CB i use +19, with Costume only +18 so number 19 is saved in case of Costume which mean 125 emblem saved.

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Joon N and Joon C are similar, statwise:


So I think that their difference is the tradeoff between a higher chance to miss or a harder punch.

I would prefer the harder hit, but it would be a preference. You are thinking for offense, defense, or both?

C.Joon able to 1 shot 4* and 5* (almost)

I think most people over look that costumed joon hits harder but his blind is only 4 turns instead of the six without the costume. Its a hard choice but the above leveled joon looks like a contender

For me, it’s an easy choice because C-Joon is fighter class, with chance to revive.


Yeah with one hp ,you gotta pray you can heal him before 1 hit

I think, many of us have seen revived hero firing (f.e. Hu-Tao), or healing (Boldtusk)…revive can be really annoying (in one war defending Hu-Tao revived 5x, fired 2x, was healed, and I was finished )

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I went C. Joon +18 attack/def path


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