Join Wanderlust - 3 spots open - 12* titans

Come and join a great team: Wanderlust! Currently 3 spots open.

Screenshot_20210126-151926 small

If you’re coming from an ultra-competitive alliance, and want something a little less stressful, we might just be the alliance you’re looking for. Or, if you’re coming from an alliance that’s just a little too casual and are looking to take things to a new level, you too might also find your new home with us.

We’re a fun, but competitive alliance with a bunch of long-time, loyal members. We’ve had a few folks move on lately and have dropped out of the top 1000, but at a full 30/30, we’re in the top 500. We take down 12* titans and occasionally a 13*. We’re not super-hardcore and we don’t assign war hits or anything like that, but we do have basic war timing strategies that we follow and expect everyone to use all flags. We have a group chat in Line if that’s your thing, but it’s not mandatory.

If you’d think you’d be a good fit for our level of play, check us out in-game, reply here, or send me a message in Line: (ID: seventhsonofa7thson)

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