Come join Wanderlust!

Wanderlust - High midrange to advanced alliance…fun, competitive and communicative group!

28/30 - Looking for 2!

2400 cup requirement (minimum 3800+ TP…but over 4K is preferred)

If you are in a trainer or more casual alliance and looking for the next step of advancement and competitiveness - this is a perfect place for you. Clear and simple war strategy, lots of discussion re lineups, etc. All of the competitiveness and challenge of a “top 100” alliance without quite the pressure!

Generally, we are a usually a low attrition bunch who have a lot of fun together. Very friendly and communicative group with representation from around the world.

Currently farming 11* titans and about half of the alliance is competing in diamond.

Only a 2400 cup minimum and at a bare minimum have 1 fully ascended team and 2-3 bench teams that are close to fully ascended.

Check out Wanderlust in game. Will update this thread once we have filled the spot! Feel free to hit me up on Line (TimRBoston) with any questions!

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