Wanderlust - 1 spot open in chill group

Hey all - Chill and active group looking for 1 player to join the team. If you are interested in a mature, low attrition and fun group…this is it. Although a wide range of skill and experience, we are definitely competitive bunch! Most of us are in the US, but we have representation from around the world.

Currently hitting 8*->9* titans and have several advanced players (7 in diamond). Active in Alliance Wars (and very competitive).

Only a 1200 cup minimum, but you need to be a daily active player.

Check out Wanderlust in game. Will update this thread once we have filled the spot!

Spot is still open…help us keep from having to post in global chat!

Thanks for checking in…spot is filled!

1 space just opened…(so much for my original “low attrition” comment!). Great alliance for someone looking to advance, learn and have fun!

Spot still open! Come check it out!

We’ve got a spot open. Killing 11* titans. Seeking competitive middle to high level player.

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