Join our New Alliance for Beginners only

Hi all
I have played now for a couple of months and did try a couple of alliances but got annoyed with the childish chit chat and arguments about what ever.

SO I have created my own called Ozy Ozy Ozy and no although I am in Australia i am not an Australian I just like the name and the way it’s spelt.

I am after beginners with 0/1000 cups so we can work and grow together as a team discussing strategies, and helping each other out at all times.

As the founder of this Alliance I do have rules though which must be adhered to or you will get kicked out.

  1. Respect every player at all times as everyone is equal no matter who or where they are from. I WILL NOT ACCEPT rudeness of any kind within the our Alliance and will withiut notice boot you out for good if I see it happen (no excuses).
  2. Accept the game for what it is and be prepared to learn different methods as no 2 people see the same situation the same way which is what makes learn in a group more fun.
  3. playing is about having fun NOT whinging and complaining, I can’t stand whingers.

Why beginners only you may ask, Other than the reason above, after reading numerous post here I found lots of beginners frustrated and annoyed because they pretty much couldn’t keep up with others when they join an alliance which made them feel small and inadequate as a team member.

So I having only beginners who would pretty much be on the same levels and all working as hard as each other to grow wouldn’t you have much more fun being happy you achieved something within a group trying to achieve or have just achieved the same thing rather than feeling small because the others are so big they make you feel small which as result takes all the fun out of playing.

AS FOR Alliance Wars we will decide as a team wether we participate or not with a vote and if more than a 1/3rd refuse then we won’t enter. You don’t get much for winning these wars and if you ask me there more a watse of time than anything else anyway. When they decide to reward winners properly then I will look into it again.
As for Titans YES man fire every shot at those little buggers and complete them all.

So beginners; look me up and join even to test it out and see if you like.

NOTE; remember 1000 cups or less or I will boot you out. Nothing personal at all so don’t take it that way.


Just thought I’d throw it in there so there is no confusions here.
I am not a child nor a teenager and have kids of my own one of which also plays this game and will be joining use soon as he is the reason I joined because he wanted some he know to play.
Only difference between our games is I’m older and wiser and moved up faster which.
I’m sure other fathers would know what I mean when they hear thier kids tell them ( I’m gonna beat you dad) and tge fun it is to watch them try, lol.

Have fun all

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