Jean vs Natalya

I just summoned Jean and I have Natalya at 3 70. I have enough 4 star mats for 1 red ascension to 4 80. Should I ascend Jean or Natalya?

As a side note I have enough purple mats for 1 4 80 ascension and I’m leveling Sartana, but for some reason I keep thinking maybe I should do Grimble instead? This would be for a flank/tank role on my defense of Captain Kestrel - Domitia - Neith - Sartana/Grimble - Alasie.

Any tips would be greatly appreciated!

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Pro Natalya:

Just thought I’d also add that I have Khagan sitting at 3/70 but I doubt he’ll get any love …

Oh, does Jean not get bonus to nature?

Thanks for the help!

No other opinions?

I’m surprised that no one has anything to day about Jean??

Jean he is great against kunchrn def down


So the two options JF & Natalya

Comparing targets:
JF does target more heroes than Natalya does. However JFs individual burn is smaller than Natalya… Equal to about 2.5 of JFs targets…
So basically JF does double the overall damage to Natalya. JF is also does it over 2 turns vs. 4 turns for Natalya.
Benefit of Natalya burn is that it’s undispellable while JF can potentially be dispelled (assuming they have a cleanser charged and ready to go.)

Comparing secondary effects:
Natalya has a single target mana slow. It’s quite large at -54% but it’s single target.
JF has both an ice defence buff AND grants immunity to defence related debuffs (& inverts them for four turns).

Additional effects:
Natalya is Gen 1 HotM so has no elemental link or resistance
JF is Gen 3 HotM and has elemental link (+10% crit) and resists health stealing.

On defence JF is best as a flanker. He’s an okish tank but not really great there… Best position imo is left flank.
Natalya on the other hand is ONLY a winger… Not great in any other slot. Ideally she’s in the right wing to avoid her dot being ignored because a sniper also targets the same enemy…

Comparing emblems:
JF is wizard class. Hotly contested by other heroes like Guin or Hel etc… Don’t know your options so can’t comment.
Natalya however is sorcerer class… A much less contested class. Again don’t know your roster so can’t comment more.

Offence Capabilities:
Natalya is a support hero. She’s good at targetting that one hero and doing some pretty hefty damage… But if you’re wanting a single target hefty damage, why not bring a sniper…?
JF on the other hand brings something unique… A fast speed DoT5 hero… Plus is a good counter to many heroes who appear on defence (e.g. Kunchen) because of the defence protection his special offers.

Against titans, I would again be taking JF over Natalya. JF has a higher attack stat & gives the crit buff which is very good in a red stack where tiles are the main damage inflicted (like titans).

So personally

If it were me, I would do JF over Natalya

Personally for


Great write up. I noticed that you missed one thing (i hope i didnt overread it). Natalya does extra damage vs nature. She takes greens (alby, north, lady, soon telluria,…) completely out of the game imo.

J.F. supports snipers nicely with his burn, while Natalya prefers to be supported since she’s squishy.

So here it depends if you’d rather have offensive support or an offensive nature killer.

I would stop thinking that, and do Sartana instead :wink:

When the choice is between a niche hero and a fast reliable sniper, always choose the sniper.

I didn’t specifically include it no but it doesn’t change anything for me.

Jean Francois still has more of an overall impact than Natalya who can be replaced with a sniper for the same impact, if not a more transferable one.

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Excellent comparison write-up Guvnor, thank you. Great question as well DVSKaz. I have both and wondered the same.

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Not disagreeing, just saying :wink:

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I’d vote JF, but one random observation from using Natalya against a Black Knight tank in our last war… Natalya is actually a decent Black Knight counter. Her talent has the chance to slow him down, and with any luck keep him from firing. If he does fire his special, Natalya can slow BK down enough to kill him before he can fire a second time, and instead of one massive sniper hit that BK can have become 1 damage, you have 4 chances for her burn to do damage.

She was the main reason I was able to take out a team that had a BK tank and a Finley wing. Was able to take out BK with Natalya’s special, and then slow Finley down enough to keep him from firing.


Thanks for the advice! The only other point I would like to make is that I have Natalya at 3 70 and JF at 2 41 and I only have 6 hidden blades …

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