Jean-François – 5* Fire/ Red - February 2020 HOTM (Hero of the Month)

Try taking a lv30 mana troop, the result wouldn’t still be good enough to justify going the attack route.

So 500+ DoT over 2 turn still isn’t enough? Okay

You clearly aren’t thinking that not going to embleming him on attack would make him deal 0 damage, right?

500 damage isn’t low, it’s the amount of increased damage from emblems that is low.


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So, does Jean’s burn stack with GM?


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No, the effects replace themselves.
You can learn more about dot here:

and here:


oh the big mount now push all the faults to SGG :yum:

How about this setup:
Sniper - G Kong - Telluria - Vela - Sniper

Better or worse than above?

Not exactly a fan of G. Kong, underwhelming really… That’s just my opinion though, although he makes it up for being average mana compared to Azlar.

JF being fast; that means within 2 turn the enemy is depleted by 300 HP (or more depending on emblem and troop). It’s not easy to counter this as 2 turn is really a short window for enemy to cleanse (I’ve faced this problem. Not always, but definitely a consideration)

Yes, imagine his ability automatically recast itself as soon as it expires for a second Jean special at zero additional mana cost.


Yeah, 2 turns is fair for a hero, fast needs to have 3 turns, and if it was avg/slow, 4 turns would be ok too.

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I let him fire off and bear the full burn of all turns… not much damage done anyway. Nothing that any healer won’t fix. Even Grazul healing level patch that up pretty quickly.
Proteus level type of damage simply doesn’t deal enough damage to be a threat.
The lack of initial damage really looks lame to the attacker. A simple cleanse negate his special to nothing.

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my question is “Better or worse than above?”

If I have to pick? Worse.

vela is unquestionably great, i tried for her to the point i can’t anymore within my budget and she avoided me. then JF showed up twice without spending and i am barely convinced to max him even with 12 spare rings


great advice, thanks!

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Sure, but many people have cleansers or healers which would mitigate that damage. That is why 4 turns isn’t that big a deal, if it can be cleansed within the first 2 turns.

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I know your pain. Im suffering the same with Telluria

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How many people run cleansers on defense, and if they did, how many people would fire Jean into one that they saw was charged? As far as his performance on defense, since offense will win the majority of matches anyhow, we grade defenders based on how they perform when opponents get off to a slow start, not how they perform if the opponent charges all of their heroes right away just like they dream of. Vs a slow start, Jean would have done on defense will do ~800-1000 damage to the entire enemy team pretty consistently if set at tank. Hell, throw Drake and the new purple Gravemaker behind him and you have a real Sophie’s Choice whether to cleanse him and incur their effects a few turns later sans cleanse or suffer Jean and wait until you cleanse everything together


I run a couple, one healer and Zimkitha on defence. Probably the exception, but most defenses run at least one healer.

I think I have seen Jean in the tank position and I don’t really recall him making as big an impact as Telluria. He isn’t the most sturdy to be a tank, so even if he fires once, he’ll usually die soon after and usually I’ll have a healer or cleanser charged to deal with the damage. Obviously if I get bad boards, I won’t be able to do that, but that’s the case against any defensive team. When I have seen him on defense, I think he has fired once when it hurt me, and that’s near the end of the losing match as I’ve already lost 2-3 heroes by that point, and 400-500 is more than enough to finish the battle. Otherwise, I can anticipate when he fires and ready a cleanser. As an aside, even though Neith gets a lot of grief, I find her more difficult as her mana cut precludes me from being able to immediately cleansing the blind.

Ok, now talking about adding 2 more HoTM on a defensive team to illustrate how good JF is is a little ridiculous. You can use that argument on any hero, You could substitute any DoT, even Kellie because you’re saying let her target suffer and potentially die while you wait for the other specials before cleansing.

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