🔵 [Jan 12, 2020] Trials of Serenity Teams – Share Yours & Discuss!

Sorry; absolutely my failure.
I wrote without thinking about possible questions. Of course it‘s sounds extremly stupid feed green with blue.
But please lay back the white “I-like-myself-so-much“-jacket in the wardrobe and do not call the look-a-like bodybuilders in white coats…please…
Caedmon was only 30-40 points away from promotion and I got from TC 10x2* green and did not wanted to waste them. Unfortunately my resources are a little bit limited at the moment and I can only push one hero with 100%. Justices special is 8/8 and I feed her with the „garbage“. Caedmon has the green ones. Of course I am thankful for any advice and help. Maybe I make everything wrong and I am obviously blind. I do not know.

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Thank you for your help. @Oliz
and I have to say sorry to anybody for leaving the topic.
My failure. Asking and answering automatically without thinking about the rules. I was out of topic…
Will try to correct /improve myself(?).


Tibs, Frida, Justice, Buddy, Triton.

The lack of a healer made the heal pots needed. Brought some arrows and axes
All went well until Lianna took out buddy then things got a bit rough. Managed to finished Chao with justice, Tibs and Triton just hanging on. For some reason Frida was well over half health (think she ate all the provisions for this adventure)
Did get a reset token.
Trainer is chilling for now


My team last time :point_up_2:
My team this time :point_down:

Same team, Triton is a bit higher on emblems. Had few yellows tiles to deal with so that was pretty cool. Nothing much else interesting with this one though. I should probably max Falcon on emblems, and Triton will go further on his. I’m not sure who gets the trainer.


Well forgot to take a screenshot this time. But this was my team last time:

I read my prior post about how I struggled on this one 🔵 [Dec 8, 2019] Trials of Serenity Teams – Share Yours & Discuss!

Then looking at the other posts realized — I have the Rigard costume! Oh good grief. So easy with him in the mix.

Edited to add: replaced Chao with Rigs. :boom:


Crit on double def down melted the bosses without any items. If I watched the clip I realized that it could even have been much faster, if I had used the blue diamond earlier. Emblems and trainer saved.


Same team as last time, with a few more emblem ranks.

  • On the bench: Arthur, Falcon, Sonya #1 and #2, Cyprian, Frida 3.70, Evelyn, Triton, Buddy #1 and #2, Jack, Chao, and Juggalo Tibs

Got to the final bosses with everyone ready. I lost two diamonds in a cascade just prior, which was disappointing.

The boards were less kind than last time. Lianna dropped her boss version, in spite of Richards debuff.

Richard went down to tiles, but not before he and Chao dropped Athena and Fancy Dan. Chao then foolishly attacked Neith rather than finishing Lianna off. He paid the price.

I’m holding the trainer for now. Emblems go to QoH and Athena.


Finished Finley since the last time. So I went with Finley +4 / Khagan / Tiburtus / Cyprian / Sonya +20.

Used lots of small heals, a couple of axes (wouldn’t have needed those if I had noticed that I only had one mid-heal in my inventory, so ran out early and needed to get rid of the bosses.

Finley is getting ranger emblems. Need a paladin worthy of more emblems… Second Kiril took the feeder.


Loving this team :heart_eyes:

52% of people so far used no items for this, I think that’s pretty impressive. I’ll add to that count : )

Back to the challenge! Good luck everybody!


Bonus trial reset log:


Ok finally did this and didn’t use any bombs or Dragon attacks and managed to do it.


Well did the first two stages on my main and first alt. Skipped it on my 2nd alt as I didn’t have enough rangers or pallys.

Here is who I took on my main:

It was easy enough. Having 3 darks made stage 1 a breeze. Chao and Justice didn’t even fire. Cyp came in clutch on stage two as both Justice and Rigard went off, they both hit Cyp, Sonya and Tibs (or whoever was to the right of Cyp). Emblems are being saved for Tibs and Chao on the ranger side, and Pallys are being saved for Sonya.

Here is who I took on my first alt:

Relatively the same line up but instead of Chao, had Berden. Surprisingly he survived to the boss round on both stages. Emblems are being saved for Tibs and Sonya.


Well, got it on my 1st costume pull. Followed by Sonya, Joon and Gunnar’s.
A healer is a good addition to my weak ToS team.

My team this time:

  • Thorne 4^80
  • Tiburtus +20
  • Sonya +20
  • Khagan 3^70
  • Cyprian 4^60

Compared to last time, Khagan hit the mat wall (up from 3^66). Also, after admirable service during the Guardians event, I decided to let Cyprian have a crack at this trial in place of Gunnar +7 (with full costume bonus). Gunnar helps keep everyone alive, but the slow mana and three-star status makes him less than an ideal choice. I also could have replaced Gunnar with Chao, who I recently maxed. Either one is now just keeping a seat warm for Buddy, anyway.

Still love the Tiburtus-Thorne-Khagan combo during the mob waves. The only problem is the time it takes to recharge it across all three colors. Entered the boss wave in surprisingly good health (with no healer and no potions used) and with all specials charged. Again, the Tiburtus-Thorne-Khagan combo took a nice chunk out of the bosses’ health, but man, those bosses hit hard. I ended up using all my healing potions, and still lost Tiburtus and Khagan. I think I could have taken out one or two bosses with tile damage by then, but all three were set to fire specials, so I went with a dragon, bomb, and axe, then watched Richard commit suicide on Cyp’s riposte and surrender the emblems.

Ranger emblems are on hold for Buddy. Given that I survived OK without Gunnar, I think I want to reset him and do something else with the paladin emblems. Can’t decide whether to beef up Cyprian’s HP and defense, or try to up Thorne’s attack to make him hit even harder. Trainer goes to the lovely and talented Vela.


That’s for sure. Unfortunately, I have only costumes for Boldtusk and Isarnia.


My Team Last Time

My Team This Time

The Battle

Exactly like last time:

Shiny New Emblems

I used the first few Ranger Emblems to finish off Berden to +3:

I’m holding onto the other Ranger ones for now. I think they’ll be going to Squire Wabbit to round out the 3* I’m taking to +3.

After that I’m planning to jump from Tiburtus as my Ranger priority to Buddy.

The Ranger Class has way, way too many options for me — in addition to those, I’d love to give Emblems to Seshat, Lianna, and Greg — and eventually more to Evelyn. Definitely my most packed Class by far.

For Paladin, I already took Tyrum and Gunnar to +3, so Arthur is up:

Hello Again, Old Friend

Kiril number 5 (!!) ate the Trainer Hero.

I’m approaching a leveling break again, where I’ll be banking feeders while I await new Heroes/Mats worth working on.

My only other projects I’m finishing up now are Gunnar number 2’s Costume, and Rigard number 4 and his Costume.


Did the first two

Emblems for Athena and falcon


My Team Last Time

My Team This Time

Buddy and Tiburtus join, Falcon and JackO on bench.
Switch item using dragon banner to flip richard debuff, use it because I’m lacking of red banner.

The Battle

No healers, so 3 healer used, all mana charged. Good start.
I was not pay attention positioning Buddy, as I always start skill from left to right, it is better Buddy before Tiburtus, so that the defdown still longer, but I did not mention that Buddy will give minion to nearbly :man_facepalming:

Last time used all items, now only 7 heal, 1 Potent heal, 1 dragon banner, 1 bomb.
Easier than before.


Emblem keep for Seshat and Paladin keep in inventory.
Trainer goes to… nothing right now no blue project in high level at moment. (keep for Vela maybe)


First advice, use all your recruits! :wink: you should never seen “voll” for that :laughing:

You can work on other heroes while you finish Caedmon. I leveled based on war depth and trials depth. If you have 6 full war teams and you can comfortably beat all the trials, then you have some flexibility (but if you run into certain color tanks more, you may want to work on more of the opposing color for that). 2x Grimm makes my barbarian Trials MUCH easier so there’s value in him, a first Triton is also very good for fast blue damage. I usually like to start new heroes before doubling down on an old one but that’s just me.


They were „voll“ like tourists from…ehm…other countries…at the Oktoberfest after drinking their first (in their life?) „Maß“ :face_with_hand_over_mouth::speak_no_evil:because I needed the food for talent grid and producing of materials. Had a small problem after Teltoc because I wanted end the epic and legendary with PB points.
But I really understand your advice, your meaning and your thinking and thoughts.

Together with Caedmon I try to level up Justice because I…I am dumb?..Do not know; only want a yellow tank…And, that is now extremly extremly extremly irrational…she is the only female hero in the E&P Universe I know who looks pritty pissed (off?) and angry…:see_no_evil:

But thanks your and @Orichalcum-Aife, @Oliz) thoughts, opinions and advices I started to train Triton.


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