🔵 [Jan 1, 2020] Trials of Strength Teams – Share Yours & Discuss!

My Team Last Year

My Team This Year

No change, only Magni is now +3, not so significant.
In Bench: 2nd Boldtusk, Little John, Colen, Kingston (4.45).

The Battle

Boss stage, not all mana charged, but with good board.

Just like last year…

It is more easier, because we bring 3 blue, and Miki make tiles deals much strong damages.
BT buff att, Grimm defdown are both great synergy, then Poseidon sniper will damage much harder.
No items used, great… :smile:

The Reward

Emblem Fighter is so many competitor, will decide later.
Emblem Barbarian, also keep for a while.
Trainer for… no red and I do not want too many red (not so many green tank in AW), keep for a while or maybe I will give off-color to Kingston or Vivica later on.