🔵 [Jan 1, 2020] Trials of Strength Teams – Share Yours & Discuss!

Team last time

This time

Swapped out LJ for Kingston this time. Had about the same result though. Spent a revive on Sumi since I wasn’t paying attention and they struck right as I realized I missed the heal. Lost everyone but my +18 Boldy thanks to that revive. The fight dragged on with just Boldy for a few minutes as he hacked away on Nashgar while trying to maintain health.


Edited to have a video of the final stage battle :slight_smile:

I just noticed in my screenshots, I was using 3* Troops for Miki and Hu Tao, when I have 4* (both level 5 or 6 i think) troops for each of those 2 colours! Hahahaha i suck. I can’t even blame it on a hangover because I wasn’t celebrating and getting drunk for New Year. Oh well :stuck_out_tongue:

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Same team
But swaped out 3/60 Grimm for Magni

Oh dear, oh dear, o h dear!!

In came the Dragons, and then this happened, she revived and hit BT :sob:

Wasnt in the mood to do it again, so yup 75 gems


Big problem this time: Chef Boldtusk is in my raid defense, so normal Boldtusk wasn’t invited for this trial…

Went with Grimm +20 / Grimm / Colen / Kingston +5 / Little John.

Had 4 bombs, 10 antidotes, 10 mid heals, 5 mid manas.

Ended up using everything. If I had taken small heals instead of the bombs, it probably would have gone better. As it is, I had only Azlar left of the bosses with miniscule hits when his special went off and eliminated my last hero. Went for the 75 gems to get the emblems/trainer. I had Elena at 2/40 or so, probably too weak still, but would have made the difference with the reflect…

Elena is getting the trainer; Kingston the fighter emblems. Shopping for a good 5* barbarian.


Same team as last time. This ones an easy one for my team —thanks Miki!


No items used thanks to Miki. The emblems will go to Azlar and Magni.


Little John would save you 75 gems.

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First time that I have 6 leveled heroes: (even 7…forgot about Sumitomo)

Take in Grimm for Hu Tao? (Have more emblems for Grimm but need iron first to build.)


First of all, I was very disappointed to see that SGG did not, in fact, rename this to the “Trial of Smash It”. (reference) Ah, well. My team this time:

  • Poseidon +3
  • Azlar 4^80
  • Gormek +20
  • Boldtusk +20
  • Little John +7

Compared to last time, Boldtusk reached max emblems, Poseidon picked up another talent, and Little John is up 4 talents. This lineup is VERY unlikely to change for a long time. Perhaps if I ever max Elena, but I’m kind of doubting even that.

Mob waves are a joke with this lineup. Entered the boss wave with all specials charged, and with BT + Gormek + LJ + Azlar, the battle is half over at the end of the first turn. (Poseidon targeted Boss Azlar, if you are interested. Two moves in, I create a green diamond, which in turn recharges LJ, and it’s clear this one is Oh - VAH! Bosses Azlar and Elena never fired; Nashgar fired at the end and actually killed LJ, but really, who cares at that point? Nary an item was touched throughout the trial.

Both Poseidon and LJ fall short of the next node; trainer hero goes to Scarlett.


My team last time :point_up_2:
My team this time :point_down:

Welcome to the party Miki. The silence really came in useful. I didn’t even realize that it was going on til about 2 turns in (I’m not used to playing with Miki yet). Between that and Boldtusk healing, no nuking was required. However Sumitomo and Boldtusk were the only survivors. Starting on Boldtusk for emblems now. And I’m throwing everything into a Sabina right now so she got the trainer.


The Team and Fight

The team pretty much remains the same. No items were required. Had all my heroes charged up and full health before boss stage. I focussed on killing Azlar first, the Grimm brothers are awesome at killing reds. Then once he was down, Elena went down shortly afterwards. Little John kept their mana in check for the first few moves, so that helped me in getting rid of some junk tiles. Nashgar killed one of the Grimm brothers before he died, and that was more or less it.

Emblems and Trainer hero

The emblems went to Little John, thus finishing that project. The fighter emblems went to Rudolph, this is part of the project where I am trying to bring some of the key 3 star heroes to +6 emblems to be able to fight for top 1% in 3 star tournaments. Trainer hero hoarded for the last few levels of any future 5 star I might power level when I have the mats.


BT, Miki, Yunan, Gretel, Kingston

With Kingston and Miki joining the team it was a breeze.
Between Miki’s silence and Gretel’s mana reduction the bosses didn’t have a chance.

Natalya already ate the healer while I was still fighting. She’s going to be a problem


My Team Last Year

My Team This Year

No change, only Magni is now +3, not so significant.
In Bench: 2nd Boldtusk, Little John, Colen, Kingston (4.45).

The Battle

Boss stage, not all mana charged, but with good board.

Just like last year…

It is more easier, because we bring 3 blue, and Miki make tiles deals much strong damages.
BT buff att, Grimm defdown are both great synergy, then Poseidon sniper will damage much harder.
No items used, great… :smile:

The Reward

Emblem Fighter is so many competitor, will decide later.
Emblem Barbarian, also keep for a while.
Trainer for… no red and I do not want too many red (not so many green tank in AW), keep for a while or maybe I will give off-color to Kingston or Vivica later on.


Team as last time, slightly stronger! Little John+3, Boldtusk+6, Grimm+20, Elena+4, Hu Tao+3. I used some Mana potions, some small red potions and 1 titan shield. Went as expected. Elena’s counter attack did most of the job. Little John and Hu Tao will get the emblems, the 3* trainer went to Grazul.

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Boldie was dressed and so I forgot to bring him in:

I also forgot to bring health potions and the fight got pretty hard due to that. All my specials were up, but health already a bit down when I entered the bosses…

Trainer to the red epic Atlantis devil, emblems stored.

Note: A healer can save items :partying_face:


With the amount of people that didn’t use items, it seems like a lot of people have their hands around this Trial. My team:

Held on to a blue diamond into the final stage so this one was a cake walk for me:

Happy New Year everybody!!


Took this managed to do all 3 woop!

Fighter emblems for BT,barbarian in storage, trainer for elena


My Team Last Time

My Team This Time

The Battle

This one never has much worth saying, since it’s straightforward with this team.

Shiny New Emblems

Barbarian Emblems continue to pile up, while I debate what to do with them.

Colen is slated to go to +8 now, but I’m holding the Fighter Emblems for now, because I’m mulling bringing a bunch of 3* up to +3 to have a little more oomph in Raid Tournaments and Class Trials. My idea is to pick two in each Class, although Rogues are lacking in options for me other than Carver…so I might skip that one.

If I proceed, then Namahage, Karil, and 2x Gato will be the recipients of 28 Emblems each, bringing them to +3.

No More Waiting

Having finally used my 53 EHT, Lianna is now up for some speedy leveling, now that I know I don’t have Mother North as an option.

I just started on her yesterday, and she ate the Trainer Hero.

Since then she’s risen to 3-19.


Did all 3 stages on my main and first 2 on my first alt. 2nd alt is the one I am short on leveled fighter and my only leveled barbarian is Azar. Here is who I took on my main:

Really wish I had my 2nd Grimm leveled fully for this one as the third stage has all fire bosses. Had to use a continue but getting those 3 sets of emblems are what got Sumi and Grimm their next nodes. Forgot who the trainer went to… Sumi got to +8 and Grimm to +9 then +10.

1st alt, here is who I took:

Muggy and LJ having high tile damage helped against the red bosses. They decimated the mob waves. BT was the true hero of this one because of his healing and attack boost. Emblems are being saved for BT and LJ respectively.


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