I've scrolled the forum, and scrolled some more, and scrolled

So I’ve scrolled through the forum, clicked and read a **** ton of posts and threads… I’ve finally maxed out Ulmer. I’m still working on Valen, then my 4* Kiril. They both still have a very LONG way to go…

My question is… Should I spend any Emblems on Ulmer’s Talent Grid? Or wait for either Valen or Kiril to be done?? I like Ulmer and , I mean, he’s not bad - could be better - and I use him on my teams for almost anything. I was using Agwe and was leveling him before I “swan dived” into the forum! I’ve since re-evaluated my training plan :laughing:

But please… I need answers!

I think this is a good reason to consider using Emblems on Ulmer — for now.

The reset cost for Emblems on a 3* isn’t really much of a barrier. If those Emblems enable you to finish Class Trials, Rare Quests, or Challenge Events that you wouldn’t have otherwise, the guaranteed loot from any of those will be well worth the small bit of gems and Emblems you may eventually sacrifice when you’re ready to move Emblems from Ulmer to another hero.

Ulmer is a bit trickier to use in Raids/War as a slow hero, but that challenge diminishes considerably in quests where you can take time to charge him before bosses, and use mana if needed. So I think he could make a meaningful contribution to your ability to get loot — defense debuffing is a hugely useful skill.

So I’d say go for it.


Was just checking out the reset options…i think I’m gonna go for it! At least until Kiril is done :smiling_imp:


Oh good GODS… They’re different classes LMAO!! Wow I need some sleep!


Very likely, but you actually were right to begin with, Ulmer is a Wizard, and so is Kiril.

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Kiril and Ulmer are both in Wizard class. :slight_smile:


Pardon me while I hide in embarrassment…my brain said Valen is a diff. class, while my hands typed Kiril…
Got Ulmer’s talent grid to 9 and I am not disappointed!


No worries! :slight_smile:

Congrats on the +9 upgrade!


U will regret any emblems u spend on 3* heroes once u get 4* and 5*.

All ur 3* will be almost obsolete once u progress further in the game

There has been only one thing I regret doing in the past year or so.
Before I ever even thought about checking out the forum, I went and spent ALL of my Rogue Emblems on a 2* Layla… She was pretty awesome for a small fry like me. Then I got on here and got an E&P Education, reset her, and used her as a feeder…sssoooo mmmaaannnyyy EMBLEMS gone from the reset!! But I definitely won’t regret using them on a 3*. They’re still worth it :smile:


I have emblems on every class of 3* except rogue as I have Scarlett maxed. I don’t think I’ll regret it. I ranked in the top 1% of the last raid tournament. If every third one is limited to rare heroes and they bring the good loot back I should do very well. Also got top 3000 on the last two rare challenge quests. The resets are cheap and you only lose a few emblems. If having emblemed 3* helps in the trails then these are emblems that you might never have had. Plus it makes the game more fun in the here and now. As a F2P it takes a long time to get 4 and 5s and ever longer to max them out. Plus Plus 100 emblems does a lot more for a 3 than a 4 or 5*.

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Let’s wait for your 2nd times regret confession once you have more 4* in your roster :laughing:

Nonsense, I have over 40 maxed 4 and 5* and still thinking of embleming 3* for events and raid tournaments. Ulmer is a very good 3* for both raiding and events, so I would just keep the emblems on him if I was in OP’s position.


One word of caution. I’m not sure if it’s a mistake but I originally chose one of each class to emblem. Bane, Berden, Balthazar, Kailani, Brienne, Valen, Azar, Tyrum, Jahangir got all of the emblems for their respective classes. Then I found that there were plenty of 3* without emblems that were still getting regular play. For me Ulmer, Melia, Belith and Mnesseus all see fairly regular action. I now find myself regretting not spreading my emblems around a little. Not a big deal, I’ve started bringing them up now, but something to consider.


Oh yes! The Good Lord Kingsblood :two_hearts: and I was just discussing that. The amount of notes and screenshots we’ve both taken are definitely gonna help us decide who the lucky Heroes are! :nerd_face:

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